Ad slams Dayton on Medical Marijuana

Supporters of  allowing people to use marijuana for medical purposes will run an ad criticizing Gov. Mark Dayton for blocking the bill.

The Marijuana Policy Project says the 30 second ad will start running tonight on programs like The Tonight Show, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Ellen and The View.

The ad campaign features Angela Garin and her five-year-old son, Paxton. Paxton has a rare condition that causes hundreds of seizures a day. Angela Garin says medical marijuana has significantly reduced the number of seizures that her son has in a day.

“When I found out Gov. Dayton was blocking a bill that would allow Paxton to get medical marijuana in Minnesota, I was shocked,” Garin said. “Minnesota deserves better.”

Dayton has been in the crosshairs over medical marijuana. His positions have changed over the past four months as he’s worked to come up with a compromise that would meet the approval of law enforcement and medical marijuana supporters.

Dayton recently suggested that the Mayo Clinic conduct a study on medical marijuana for children. That plan was rejected by medical marijuana supporters because said it was too narrow. They criticized Dayton for suggesting to parents of sick children to buy marijuana illegally. Dayton denied making those comments.

The bill has made little progress in the Minnesota Legislature.

  • Joe

    I wonder whose vote this would actually influence, it just reminds me how depressing today’s Supreme Court ruling is. More worthless ads, more phone banks, more irrelevant telemarketers trying to find out your Personal Feelings about someone else’s abortion…

  • Mark Gommesen

    Well, Joe since supporters are jamming social media, able collect 5000 signatures on peition in a few days, and three of five Republican candidates are talking about supporting medical marijuana. I would say quite bit.