The Daily Digest (Dayton wants tax bill, caretakers want raise, GOP tsunami?)

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Gov. Mark Dayton wants the Legislature to pass a tax bill now, and said Senate Democrats are dragging their feet until they get approval for a new office building. (MPR News)

The tax bill Dayton wants would include a major expansion of the child care tax credit. (MPR News)

People who take care of the elderly and disabled want the state to give them a 5 percent raise. (MPR News)

Insurance companies and doctors oppose a bill that would address high insurance rates in Southeast Minnesota. (MPR News)

Senate DFLers released a a bill that would increase the state’s budget reserves by $150 million. (MPR News)

Long-time GOP operative Pat Shortridge has formed a new political fund to help state legislators. In particular, he wants to raise money for Republicans who are conservative, but who also voted in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. (MPR News)

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said that it’s unlikely the Legislature will pass a bill that would give tax breaks to help Minnesota land a Super Bowl. (MPR News)

Interest groups spent more than $65 million lobbying last year. (MPR News)

More children and teenagers are being poisoned by e-cigarette fluid than in previous years. (Star Tribune)

A bill that would allow the state health department to keep newborn blood samples and test results indefinitely cleared its final House committee. (MPR News)


Members of Minnesota’s Washington delegation are weighing in on the PolyMet Mine. (MPR News)

Russia formally claimed Crimea for its own. (New York Times)

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says a ban on “soft money” should be reversed to fund the party’s presidential nominating conventions. (The Washington Post)

Priebus also predicts that 2014 will be a “tsunami” for his party.  That includes Sen. Al Franken’s seat, he says. (St. Cloud Times)