Dayton: Medical marijuana likely dead for the year

Gov. Mark Dayton says the prospects for a study of one type of medical marijuana have little chance of becoming law this session. Dayton said advocates for full legalization of medical marijuana rejected his compromise plan this week.

Dayton proposed spending $2 million to have the Mayo Clinic study whether marijuana extracts in pill or liquid form would effectively treat children with an extreme form of epilepsy.

Dayton said by rejecting the study supporters of medical marijuana have effectively killed the issue for the session.

“I’m disappointed that the advocates who want to be able to smoke leaf marijuana are not willing to accept that,” Dayton said. “The authors of the bill are not interested in carrying it forward on a more limited basis. There are people who want to smoke marijuana and that’s what they want to do legally. It’s not going to happen in this legislative session.”

Supporters of medical marijuana say they still think they can get an agreement to pass a bill.

Heather Azzi with Minnesotans for Compassionate Care, said she still thinks the bill can become law.

“Since the day that we started drafting this language and working on it, we have known that our only real hurdle is Gov. Dayton,” Azzi said. “As far as I know, what we were told on the meeting on Thursday was that he is not threatening to veto this bill. So we’re moving forward under the assumption that we can work some language up that will be effective.”

Dayton has said he will not support legalizing marijuana that involves smoking the drug.

The bill is currently stalled in committees in the House and Senate. DFL legislative leaders have said it’s unlikely to move forward unless a compromise is reached.

  • KTN

    Typical cowardly move by the Governor – pass any blame for the bill failing to reach his desk on anyone but him. Although I am not at all surprised, the shortsighted stance taken by Dayton, and the Police Federation are further embarrassment to the state.

    Wont happen this year, but soon enough,marijuana will be legal here, I guess it is just going to take a different Governor, one not beholden to special interests (a group of non-physicians dictating medical care) to make it so.

  • Joe

    “I’m disappointed that the advocates who want to be able to smoke leaf marijuana are not willing to accept that”
    Our governor, ladies and gentlemen. Is he Will Rogers? He’s disappointed that a group advocating for a position does not accept a position that contradicts the position for which they advocate?
    This political dance has been nothing more than Kabuki theater, Dayton never intended to act at all on the issue before the election. Compromises were discussed to push the issue further down the session into irrelevancy. It’s hard to tell if a second Dayton term will be friendlier to regulatory reform. Perhaps the Republicans can actually find a logical candidate to challenge him if he keeps on the course he’s on and clearly exhibited above.

  • David Kasper

    Is Dayton getting a cut from all the drug busts? Or maybe he just wants to see how much waiting us Americans can do! I think he is getting a cut, I remember reading that he says we can buy drugs on the street, which could kill you. Why is Medical Marijuana JUST for people with a rare form of epilepsy? Are you trying to say you have to be almost about to die to injest medical marijuana? And if it does cure things from little bit of pain, to deadly pain. Can’t we put medical marijuana on the shelf? And leave them poisons like advil, and other pills that can harm you if you take too much on the shelf for them people who know they side effects and want to take that un healthy shit! (because I have heard you can smoke as much Marijuana as you want and not get hurt, unlike advil.).

    • Joe

      I cringe when I watch people treat Ibuprofen or Tylenol like candy and popping them for trivial pain. I’m not having any fun, it must be perfectly safe!

      • David Kasper

        Ya. As in if you take a pill, and it still hurts, you can’t take much more before you will get ingured or die, Medical marijuana you would be able to ease pain within minutes depending on the case of pain you have and how much you smoke.

  • Don Stremski

    “I’m disappointed that the advocates who want to be able to smoke leaf marijuana are not willing to accept that,” Dayton said.

    The things Governor Dayton doesn’t understand about marijuana could (and does) fill many books. Firstly, you don’t generally smoke the leaves, Governor. It’s the buds you want. Secondly, if it’s smoking that offends you, how about if you legalize edibles and commercial BHO production? Then people could eat it, they could vape it, but they couldn’t smoke it. Such a proposal could be seen as a legitimate compromise instead of the empty promise that was presented as a compromise.

  • Todd Sisson

    Governor Dayton has “reefer madness”. It was spread to him by his (mis)advisors in public safety. I cannot vote for him again – he doesn’t represent or respect the will of the people.