The Daily Digest (PAC funds MN legislators, Biden visits, grad rates up)

Good morning and welcome to the Daily Digest.


A handful of Republican and DFL legislators who voted in favor of same-sex marriage are benefiting financially from a national network of donors organized by the Colorado-based Gill Action political action committee. (MPR News)

Albertville Rep. David FitzSimmons is among those who got assistance from the Gill Action network. He may lose his party endorsement this weekend over his vote and over the outside money. (MPR News)

Vice President Joe Biden was in Minnesota yesterday to attend a fundraiser and talk-up the Affordable Care Act. (AP via MPR News)

Minnesota’s high school graduation rate is the highest it’s been in a decade. (Pioneer Press)

After failing to pass legislation to update the state’s campaign finance laws last year, House Speaker Paul Thissen says that lawmakers in his chamber will consider a bill that expands how much information political groups have to say about their donors and how they are spending their money. (MPR News)

Legislative leaders previewed the coming session. Democrats want to increase the minimum wage, and Republicans don’t. (AP via Star Tribune)

The DFL caucus that ended in a scuffle earlier this month reconvened last night at a different location. It was much more sedate this time. (Star Tribune)


Groups supporting the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act are going door-to-door in search of the uninsured. But they’re having a hard time finding people interested in signing up for health coverage through the new insurance exchanges. (The New York Times)

A group of Senate Republicans are working on a plan to pass jobless benefits, a top Democratic priority. The group of four wants to strike a deal on benefits to prevent Republicans – particularly vulnerable Republicans – from take hard votes on the issue later in the session. (Politico)

Newly released emails give Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s critics material to use against him, especially if he runs for president. (New York Times)