Emmer gets Colbert’d

WASHINGTON – Congressional candidates are always looking for media exposure. But Tom Emmer, who’s seeking the Republican nod to replace Michele Bachmann in the 6th District, probably doesn’t want this kind of attention.

Comedian Stephen Colbert found Emmer’s ad for a local remodeling company and had plenty of fun at Emmer’s expense.

Just watch it:

  • Starquest

    Colbert was absolutely on fire last night. His masterful takedown of Fox News’s new “newsdeck” was just so incredibly hilarious.

    He coined a great new word: upshovel.

  • Fred Garvin

    Wow, a comedian going after a politician–that is worthy of a capitol view blurb.
    Or could it be “news” because the “correspondent” has a particular point of view and Cobert fits it nicely?

  • Doug Duwenhoegger

    Could it be news because this “lawyer” with a history of anti-social behavior is breaking campaign finance rules.