Dayton raised $379K in three months for reelection bid

New financial information from Gov. Mark Dayton’s campaign committee shows  the DFLer raised $379,019 during July, August and September.

The voluntary disclosure today also shows receipts from January through September totaled $628,457. Expenditures and disbursements for the same period were $263,441.

“We are very pleased with the progress we made this summer,’ said Campaign Manager Katharine Tinucci in a news release. “The 3rd quarter proved to be our best fundraising quarter yet.”

Tinucci also noted that none of the Republican candidates for governor have released any financial information.

Candidates are not required to make quarterly reports, but Dayton has said he would do so voluntarily as a way to highlight his support of increased transparency in campaign finance.

In June, Dayton said his 2014 campaign would rely on donations from supporters rather than his own personal fortune. He said he would not self-finance to the same degree that he did in previous statewide campaigns for governor and U.S. Senate. This is the first time Dayton has run for reelection to any office.