Rep. Barrett wants Vikings stadium deal reopened

As the state of Minnesota and the Vikings move closer to finalizing a contract to build the team a new stadium, a Republican state lawmaker says the financing package should be restructured so that taxpayers won’t have to pay as much.

Rep. Bob Barrett,  R-Lindstrom,  says taxpayers could cut their contribution to the stadium by more than $200 million if the Vikings were required to pay more.

Rep. Bob Barrett, R-Lindstrom (MPR News Photo/ Mark Zdechlik)

“This is the proper way to fund it,” said Barrett at  a state Capitol news conference Monday.  “It’s not too late. It’s almost too late, but not too late. We haven’t signed a contract and that legislation can be changed with the right negotiating philosophy and with the right facts out in the open.”

Under the current deal the Vikings’ share of the stadium is $477 million and the taxpayers’ share is $498 million. Barrett says the Vikings shouldn’t be able to count money from personal seat licenses, the NFL’s contribution or stadium naming rights as part of their share. He says if the papers are signed, he will look for ways to change the contract during the next legislative session.

  • John O.

    Did anyone remind Rep. Barrett that the legislative deal was made while his party was in the majority and, therefore, could have held out for a higher percentage? Or killed the deal altogether?

  • John Peschken

    I’m glad to hear that it’s not too late to avid going into business with the Wilf crime family.