Business execs make pitch for Coleman political group

Two Minnesota business leaders with strong Republican ties are trying to steer like-minded donors to a conservative political advocacy group headed by former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman.

In a fundraising letter, Stanley S. Hubbard of Hubbard Broadcasting and Thomas J. Rosen of Rosen’s Diversified, said they have each committed $50,000 to the Minnesota Action Network. They urged others to join them. With Democrats currently in charge of the governor’s office and the Minnesota Legislature, they said their goal for the 2014 election is to “return balance” to the Capitol.

“With a concerted effort, we can change course and get our state back on track,” Hubbard and Rosen wrote.

They warned of negative impacts to businesses resulting from the last legislative session but did not offer specifics. The appeal also emphasized the need for business leaders to speak with one voice and to invest in a coordinated strategy, rather than the efforts of other fragmented groups.

“It’s been done at the federal level. It’s been done by the left here in Minnesota. But now, we can align our interests in more than a common goal, but a common strategy  that unites the business community.”

The Minnesota Action Network is a branch of the American Action Network, which bills itself as a “center right” organization. Coleman, who lost his seat to Democrat Al Franken after a prolonged recount that concluded in 2009, serves as board chairman for the national organization.

The group may be taking its cues from a similar unified campaign effort supporters of Demcrats made in 2012 to win back control of the Legislature organized by the liberal group Alliance for a Better Minnesota.


  • MinnesotaCentral

    Just curious, but should it be mentioned the relationship between Tom Rosen and State Senator Julie Rosen — consider that she is considering running for Governor ?
    Second, since Tom Rosen and Scott Honour both serve on the Board of Directors of the Center for the American Experiment, has Tom Rosen made any endorsement ?
    Third, would you speculate what this means to other groups such as Minnesota Majority and the various TEA Party chapters … will Coleman’s group become the funnelling source for the Davisico monies to those groups or will they “advocate” on their own ?