The Daily Digest (Senate wants Brodkorb sanctioned, GOP House passes farm bill without food stamps, Franken raises $2 million)

Welcome to this Friday edition of The Daily Digest.

Former state Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb’s lawsuit against the Senate takes a new turn after Brodkorb’s lawyers publicly posted documents about other alleged extramarital affairs at the State Capitol. A judge had earlier ordered that the information remain private.

And in Washington, the GOP House succeeded in passing a farm bill that severs the relationship between food stamps and agricultural policy.

And as the 2014 elections approach, U.S. Sen. Al Franken turned in some impressive fundraising totals last quarter.


Senate to seek sanctions against Michael Brodkorb (MPR News)
Attorneys for former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb say they mistakenly posted a legal document containing names of legislative members and staff who allegedly had extramarital affairs to a website accessible by members of the media. But the Minnesota Senate says the mistake violated a protective order. They plan to ask a judge –who had earlier filed an order requiring certain information to remain private — to sanction Brodkorb’s attorneys.

Winkler: State subsidies should help jobless (MPR News)
The chair of the state House Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs said Thursday that state economic development aid should be tied to requirements that companies hire the unemployed.

Audit knocks lack of oversight for Minn. human service (MPR News)
A report by the legislative auditor found that the Department of Human Services doesn’t have sufficient oversight of the state’s Medical Assistance program. Agency officials say it’s a known problem that the state expects to correct by the end of 2015.

St. Paul DFLers to consider Ward 1 council endorsement on July 27 (MinnPost)
At least seven candidates are competing for the DFL endorsement for the St. Paul City Council race in the 1st Ward. DFL delegates will meet at the end of July to make the decision.


House GOP passes farm bill without food stamps (Star Tribune)
Republicans in the U.S. House succeeded in cutting food stamps out of the farm bill by a vote of 216-208. All three Republicans in Minnesota’s House delegation voted for proposal, which faces a veto from the president and isn’t likely to make much headway in the U.S. Senate. The New York Times reports that it’s the first time since 1973 that food stamps haven’t been part of the bill.

Farm bill panned by hunger relief advocates (MPR News)
The House GOP’s success in separating agricultural policy and food stamps in the farm bill concerns hunger relief advocates, who say it leaves the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that helps feed 580,000 Minnesotans vulnerable to deep cuts.

Full Senate to consider B. Todd Jones’ nomination for ATF head (MPR News)
Minnesota U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones’ appointment to head the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives was approved by a Senate committee on Thursday. That leaves a likely showdown over Republican use of filibuster to block presidential appointments.

Democrats Poised to Limit Filibusters, Angering G.O.P. (New York Times)
Frustration over Republican refusals to approve Pres. Barack Obama’s cabinet picks is fueling a Democratic push to change rules governing the use of the filibuster. Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell said the stalled appointments were merely a pretext for a Democratic power grab.

Divisions among House Republicans on immigration bill (MPR News)
The U.S. House will likely take on immigration one-by-one, with a focus on border security. Conservatives are wary of offering unauthorized immigrants what they see as amnesty. But influential movers-and-shakers in the Republican Party, including former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman, are pushing the comprehensive Senate plan in hopes of salvaging party prospects with Latino voters.


Franken raises nearly $2 million in last quarter (MPR News)
The successful quarter of fundraising brings U.S. Sen. Al Franken’s total bank account to more than $3 million. Two Republicans  — businessman Mike McFadden and state Rep. Jim Abeler of Anoka —  are currently in the race, with more candidates likely to join.

State Sen. Pederson joins CD 6 race (MPR News)
Although state Sen. John Pederson has been talking to media for more than a month about his candidacy for the open 6th Congressional District seat, he held his formal announcement on Thursday. Former gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer and Anoka County Commissioner Rhonda Sivarajah are also in the race.