The Daily Digest (Hann won’t run for governor, farm bill support frays, Mills on campaign trail)

Welcome to Monday’s edition of The Daily Digest.

Following a long holiday weekend, the Republican field of candidates for governor continues to shake out.

In Washington, what’s behind the U.S. House’s inability to craft a deal on the farm bill?

And on the campaign trail, GOPer Stewart Mills argues that government hurts job growth.


Hann announces he won’t run for Minnesota governor (MPR News)
State Senate Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, said he plans to focus on supporting Republican election efforts rather than attempt another run at the governor’s office.

Both parties unite to give ex-felons a second chance (Star Tribune)
A movement to make it easier for ex-felons to find jobs made progress in Minnesota with last session’s passage of the “ban the box” legislation. But more proposals are likely to emerge next session.

The Newly Charmed Life Of Tim Pawlenty (BuzzFeed)
Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he’s enjoying post-campaign life and won’t run again for president.

Legislative panel on synthetic drugs to hold first hearing (MPR News)
The Select Committee on Controlled Substances and Synthetic Drugs will meet this week.

Minnesota counties considering new wheelage tax (Associated Press)
Counties have until August to decide whether they’ll add a wheelage tax on cars and trucks to pay for road repairs.

Investigation clears Racing Commission chair (Associated Press)
Investigators concluded that there was no evidence that the chair of the state Racing Commission harassed a woman because of her gender.

Westrom calls for more fireworks to be sold in Minnesota (MPR News)
State Sen. Torrey Westrom of Elbow Lake said he plans to propose a bill next session that would allow fireworks like bottle rockets and Roman candles to be sold in Minnesota. Gov. Mark Dayton has vetoed similar legislation in the past.

Minnesota declares state of emergency in 26 counties (Associated Press via Pioneer Press)
The declarations are an early step in the process for receiving federal disaster assistance for the storms that rocked the state in late June.

Unions start campaign to reelect House Democrats (MPR News)
A labor-backed group called We Are Minnesota is paying for radio ads and campaign mailings in districts across the state.


Farm bill support frays amid tight money, shifting alliances (MPR News)
The longtime bipartisan alliance between urban and rural lawmakers faces an uncertain future as House Republicans propose to split the agricultural policy and food stamp portions of the farm bill into separate pieces of legislation.

Former 7th District Rep. Stangeland dies (MPR News)
Northwest Minnesota Republican and former U.S. Rep. Arlan Stangeland died last week at his home in Detroit Lakes. The Washington Post has more.

Bush Says Congress Should Act on Immigration (New York Times)
Former Pres. George W. Bush urged Congress to pass an immigration overhaul in an interview this weekend.

Privacy Group to Ask Supreme Court to Stop N.S.A.’s Phone Spying Program (New York Times)
The  Electronic Privacy Information Center plans to ask the Supreme Court today to halt the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance program, arguing that the secret court that approved the program has exceeded its jurisdiction.

Conservatives’ Aggressive Ad Campaign Seeks to Cast Doubt on Health Law (New York Times)
A conservative group financed by Charles and David Koch will initially spend about $1 million to air ads critical of ‘Obamacare.’


Early on campaign trail, Mills says government hurts job growth (MPR News)
Eighth Congressional District GOP candidate Stewart Mills is running on his strong support for gun rights and his ties to a well-known regional business.