The Daily Digest (education secretary on early childhood ed, Senate averts filibuster showdown)

Welcome to Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Digest.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was in the Twin Cities to promote a funding plan for early childhood education that could mean more dollars for Minnesota.

The U.S. Senate managed to avert a showdown over rules governing the use of the filibuster.

And even though she’s retiring, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann still leads the House delegation in fundraising.


Arne Duncan: Early childhood education worth the investment (MPR News)
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan was in the Twin Cities to push a decade-long $75 billion plan to invest in early childhood education. If the White House plan passes, Minnesota could receive $38 million in federal funds in the first year of the plan.

Federal cuts mean furloughs for Minn. National Guard techs (MPR News)
As federal budget cuts kick in this week, about half of the Minnesota National Guard’s full-time staff will be forced to take one day off each week. A spokesperson said the furloughs hurt the organization’s readiness.

Destination Medical Center’s governing structure taking shape (Rochester Post-Bulletin)
The board for the Mayo Clinic’s new expansion, the Destination Medical Center, will be announced next week. Rochester Mayor Ardell Brede and Rochester City Council member Ed Hruska have already been named to the eight-member board. The public is kicking in $585 million to help the clinic pay for the planned $6 billion expansion.

Mondale calls for filibuster rules to change (MPR News)
Former Vice President Walter Mondale helped lead a change to the U.S. Senate’s filibuster rules as a senator in the mid-1970s. He supports again revising the rules today, as Senate leaders recently threatened.

Ramsey and Hennepin county boards approve $10 per car wheelage tax (MinnPost)
Wheelage taxes were approved in both Ramsey and Hennepin counties. The $10 fees are expected to raise an additional $3.8 million for Ramsey County and $8.7 million for Hennepin County each year.

James Carville to head DFL event in Minneapolis (Star Tribune)
Democratic consultant James Carville will speak at the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s Founder’s Day dinner in September.


Senators Reach Agreement to Avert Fight Over Filibuster  (New York Times)
A showdown over use of the filibuster fizzled out after Republicans agreed to allow most presidential nominees to receive an up or down vote. Democrats also agreed to withdraw two appointments President Barack Obama made to the National Labor Relations Board during a recess.

Senate filibusters could affect B. Todd Jones’ nomination (MPR News)
The nomination of Minnesota’s U.S. Attorney B. Todd Jones to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms could benefit from Senate’s threat to restrict filibusters.

Bachmann campaign allegations sent to House Ethics panel (Star Tribune)
An independent ethics board appears to have forwarded ethics cases involving U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign to the House Ethics Committee. Bachmann has been receiving scrutiny for alleged campaign finance violations and using campaign resources on a book tour. The House panel is expected to publicly announce whether members plan to pursue the complaints later this month.

Holder condemns ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws; vows new Voting Rights enforcement (Washington Post)
In the wake of the “not guilty” verdict in George Zimmerman’s case, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said “Stand Your Ground” laws “sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.” More than 30 states have passed laws that allow people who feel they’re in danger to use deadly force to defend themselves.


Bachmann, retiring, still leads Q2 campaign fundraising (Chart) (MPR News)
Outgoing Rep. Michele Bachmann still leads the state’s U.S. House delegation in raising cash. But others are also doing well, with Republican Reps. John Kline and Erik Paulsen raising more money than they did had at this time in 2011.