Senate legal bill tops $226,000 in Brodkorb suit

The cost of the case involving a former staffer in the Minnesota Senate to Minnesota taxpayers has now reached $226,000.

The latest invoice from Larkin Hoffman shows the law firm charged the Minnesota Senate $27,701 in legal fees for work done between Feb. 13 and April 30.

The Senate is paying the firm to help it defeat a lawsuit from fired Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb, who was fired in December of 2011 after having an affair with then-GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. Koch later resigned her leadership post and left the Senate after her term expired in January of this year.

Michael Brodkorb (right) and his attorney Greg Walsh (MPR photo)


Brodkorb is suing the Senate for gender discrimination. He says unnamed female staffers were not punished even though they had affairs with men. Attorneys for the Senate say Brodkorb was legitimately dismissed because he was an at-will employee, and the will to employ him was no longer there.

The case is set to go to trial next year.

Here’s the invoice: