PAC makes appeal for lawmakers who backed same-sex marriage

Minnesota United’s recently-formed political action committee is making its first fundraising appeal for some legislators who could face tough re-election contests because of their support of the bill to legalize same-sex marriage.

The appeal sent today refers to the legislators as “The Minnesota 15,” who will be priorities for the MN United PAC. Many represent districts where a majority of voters supported last year’s unsuccessful constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Only five of the 15 are highlighted. They are DFL Representatives Joe Radinovich of Crosby, Shannon Savick of Wells, Tim Faust of Hinckley, Roger Erickson of Baudette and John Persell of Bemidji.

The message from Richard Carlbom of Minnesota United promises more emails in the coming days to introduce other Republicans and Democrats who MN United PAC will be supporting.