Federal judge issues order in Brodkorb case to allow confidentiality

A judge in a case involving a fired Minnesota Senate staffer has issued a sweeping protective order that would make many of the documents in the case confidential.

The order, issued by federal Judge Arthur Boylan, would allow Michael Brodkorb and attorneys for the Minnesota Senate to make witness depositions and other materials confidential. The judge ruled that the materials could be sealed if either party requests it.

The order comes as depositions of several current and former lawmakers are looming.

Brodkorb is suing the Senate for $600,000 because he alleges he was fired in December 2011 for having an affair with then-Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch.

Brodkorb alleges gender discrimination because he says female staffers who had affairs with men were treated differently.

Senate attorneys argue Brodkorb was an at-will employee who could be fired at any time.

The Senate has spent at least $200,000 on attorney fees in the case.

Here’s the order:

Brodkorb case docs sealed by tom_scheck

  • John O.

    I’m sure there are a lot of regulars around the State Capitol who are grateful the judge saw fit to protect their individual and collective tookuses.