The Daily Digest (Unionization, minimum wage votes, Biden contemplates WH run)

In Minnesota

A bill to let home health care and child care workers unionize is headed for a vote in the House. But some day care providers are wary of the proposal.

The House will vote today on whether to raise the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour by 2015 and thereafter tie increases to the annual rate of inflation.

As bills to partially subsidize the Mayo Clinic’s expansion move through the state Capitol, some lawmakers and Rochester residents say Mayo’s plans caught them by surprise.

Large parts of Boise Inc.’s paper mill in International Falls will close this fall, the company announced Thursday. About 300 workers will lose their jobs.

A pro-gun control lawmaker says Minnesota House Speaker Paul Thissen broke his promise to allow a vote on legislation to expand background checks for gun purchases. The bill has now been put off until next year.

Meanwhile, legislators who introduced a bill Thursday to legalize medical marijuana aren’t expecting a vote until next year.

In Washington/National Politics

While on a state visit to Mexico, President Obama again said the time is right for an immigration overhaul.

Before he left, Obama announced his picks for Commerce Secretary and U.S. Trade Representative, the last two open Cabinet slots.

While the Cabinet may be complete, the New York Times reports that many other political slots remain vacant, especially in the State Department.

It’s no secret that Vice President Joe Biden would really, really like to be President but the Washington Post says it’s a long shot.

More from the sequester files: if you were planning a trip to Washington this spring, the Washington Post has the details on how your visit may be lacking due to automatic budget cuts.