Same-sex marriage bill to receive another committee hearing

The Minnesota House has scheduled another committee hearing for a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota.

The House Ways and Means Committee has scheduled a Monday hearing for the bill after a fiscal analysis found legalizing same-sex marriage would cost the state money.

Minnesota Management and Budget predicts that legalizing same-sex marriage would result in 114 more people enrolling for state benefits for their married partners. Fiscal agents estimate the added benefits would cost $688,378 a year.

The fiscal note also projected that 5,186 same-sex couples would get married over the next two years if same-sex marriage were legalized in Minnesota on August 1. The estimate found that couples paying the $90 marriage licenses would generate roughly $190,135 to the state’s general fund and another $146,930 to other special revenue funds.

Minnesota Management and Budget officials say, however, that the number of license applications will likely scale back over time.

“In the first year of enactment, it is expected that a larger number of same-sex couples will be married, since a first opportunity has been provided, with declining numbers in following years,”analyst Dennis Munkwitz wrote.

The analysis also predicted 86 couples will file for divorce by 2015.

Supporters and opponents of the legislation have been ramping out their efforts as the Legislature enters the final stretch of the session. A vote on the bill could come at any time in the House or the Senate.

Here’s the fiscal note:


  • Barbie

    This line of thinking works both ways. With my situation, NOT getting married to my partner is costing the state money. I have a full time job with benefits, but because I can’t marry my partner she has to be on state assistance as her job does not provide insurance, and she does not make enough to buy her own. She is currently pregnant, so once the baby is born there are two people that are on state assistance that, given the opportunity to marry, I would be able to cover through my work insurance. I am sure I am not the only one in this situation.

  • rickster

    what a load of b.s. this is not germane to the issue in the least. this is about civil rights. how much are heterosexuals costing the state? and how do they know how many government employees are gay and going to get married? this is nothing but a disingenuous cow plop.

  • Beverly

    You didn’t calculate how much money will be generated when they move toward divorce .