PAC formed to back lawmakers who voted for same-sex marriage bill

Minnesotans United, which successfully lobbied to pass the bill that legalizes same-sex marriage, has formed a political action committee. The PAC will work to support and re-elect legislators who voted for the marriage bill.

“Minnesotans United recognizes that casting a yes vote in favor of allowing same-sex couples to marry was a decision that many legislators struggled with,” said Richard Carlbom, MN United Campaign Manager, in a statement. “But their leadership and choice to stand on the side of families and freedom in Minnesota should be commended.”

The formation of the PAC isn’t a surprise, since Carlbom and other same-sex marriage supporters repeatedly encouraged the thousands who attended the House and Senate floor votes and the governor’s signing ceremony to support lawmakers who backed the bill.

Several rural Democrats and suburban Republicans who voted for the bill say there is a possibility that their votes could cost them their jobs.

Minnesota for Marriage, which worked to defeat the bill, intends to campaign against the rural Democrats and five Republicans who backed the bill.