Gun safety bill shelved for the year

Legislation calling for more gun background checks in Minnesota appears to be off the table for the year.

DFL House Speaker Paul Thissen says he’s shelving the bill after Democrats could not reach agreement on the best plan to prevent gun violence.

Several Democrats, mostly in the metropolitan area, were pushing for increased background checks for gun purchases but that legislation faced opposition from gun rights groups and rural Democrats.

Thissen says he decided to shelve the bill because neither side was willing to budge.

“Both sides of the issue are still not willing to come to a reasonable middle ground so I don’t think there’s a bill that can pass the Minnesota House of Representatives this year.,” Thissen said.

DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk says the Senate won’t vote on a bill now that the House has decided not to act. He says the NRA and other gun rights groups were effective in their lobbying efforts.

“Public opinion would seem to support doing something on background checks,” Bakk said. “But I think when you measure the e-mail that many members receive, that public opinion didn’t weigh out in what their constituent contacts were. It was quite the contrary.”

Bakk says it’s possible that the Legislature could take up the issue again next year when lawmakers aren’t as focused on passing a two-year budget.

  • Onan

    “Public opinion would seem to support doing something on background checks,” Bakk said. “But I think when you measure the e-mail that many members receive, that public opinion didn’t weigh out in what their constituent contacts were. It was quite the contrary.” – Uh, that’s because the rabid few scream the loudest.

    I’m a gun owner, FFL holder and I’m still trying to see ANY downside for expanded background checks.

  • JFH

    Uh, that is because ‘expanded’ background checks had a lot of fine print with them, Onan.

    You know, such things as ‘registration’ in the MN bill variants, and disagreement about the scope of ‘expansion.’ Should I be able to give a gun to my daughter without a background check if it’s known that I am an eligible owner in suburbia and she is an eligible college-graduate recipient? Should I be able to do it without question if my 14-yr-old daughter is a gangbanger and I wear my cap backwards in Mpls? Nope, no downside there, aside of bias, prejudice, and disagreement.

    And, on the national level–well, that bill that Skeets and TwoBlasts told Reid to run with (you know, the one with the MAIG registration system, and Chuckles Schumer’s ‘legalese’ malarky in it that felonized informal exchanges to try out the other guy’s gun at the range)–well there the ‘expanded’ background checks were bogged down by the fine print, too. The cobbled-up ‘rescue bill’ was so badly written that it, too, was scuttled.

    So, were those downsides, Onan? I’ll bet they were, for you–you could’ve tripled-or-more your income from doing background checks if any of that junk had become law.

    And, BTW, Tom Scheck, your good writing is downgraded for allowing someone (or you?) to post up a good report with a headline about “Gun Safety.”

    The liberal PC crowd at NPR is at it again, I see. Those bills were Gun CONTROL and had nothing to do with gun safety. George Orwell, where are you now that we really need you?

  • Joe Byrne


    If you “can’t see a downside” then I highly doubt you are a gun owner and FFL dealer. Really do we look that stupid? People who sell guns for a living do not call themselves “FFL Holders”, they are registered gun dealers.

    For the honest folks out there who don’t really understand the downsides, here it is.

    There is no “Gun Show Loop Hole”. Every legal gun dealer has to perform the same background checks ALL READY IN PLACE on every sale they make, whether its at a gun show or their normal place of business. No loop holes here, period.

    Individuals who own guns can sell or give them to other individuals without having to do a background check. This is a private contract between two citizens. It no different than selling a car between two people. The government does not require you to check if the buyer has a valid drivers license and insurance before you can sell your car.

    The problem with expanding the background checks for private sales is enforcement. How can they really prove one person did the transaction “legally”? The only way is to register each and every gun to the owner.

    Now, if the time comes that they want to round up every gun in the State/country, it would be pretty hard to do unless you had a central database (registry) that listed every gun and who the owner was.

    Think they’ll never confiscate guns? They already have, recently. Just look at Katrina. Every single dictator in history, EVERY SINGLE ONE, started by confiscating guns. If you take away someone’s ability to defend themselves (against an imperialistic government, or just the junkie breaking into your house) you have the power to take away everything else of theirs, including their freedom.

    We’re not a bunch of nuts. We’ve just learned from history and are trying to prevent the government from putting in place the components that would allow them (or a future ‘them’) to confiscate our only real means of defending our liberty and freedom.

    Also, none of these proposed gun laws would have prevented ANY of the school shootings that have happened in the last 3 decades. So why create new laws that won’t have ANY affect whatsoever on the problem we are trying to solve? It really makes no sense.

  • Terence C

    Joe, given your, and the NRA’s deep untouchable belief that widespread personal gun ownership and the possibilty of armed resistance protects us all from a sudden gun confiscation and dictatorship…can you describe one modern U.S. scenario of possible… or actual tyranny in which a true patriot or organized militia HAS, or CAN expect to prevail, POLITICALLY and LEGALLY, over a perceived tyrant sheriff, mayor, governor, Supreme Court majority, Secretary of Homeland Security, President…whomever… by the threat or first use of small arms to assassinate some elected tyrant in office?

    In other words, if this is what the Second Amendment is indispensably all about, beyond personal defense, where’s the beef, Joe?

  • Joe Byrne


    I don’t really follow what question you are asking, but if you don’t believe that our government can, or would, attempt to destroy the US Constitution and set up a dictatorship, well, then I feel sorry for you. I understand it, lots of people “never saw it coming”, but I feel sorry for them too.

    If you don’t think that a citizen militia can beat a government military, then you haven’t paid much attention to history, modern or otherwise.

    You might be interested in looking up some facts that you won’t see in the public media. For example, the Obama administration has a formal agreement with a Russian militia team in the guise of “terrorist” prevention…. or could it be a personal army? Humm, does make one think.

    You might also wonder why FEMA has built hundreds of detention centers around the country, enough to hold over half the current population. Are we expecting a rise in criminals? Probably, if you define today’s average patriot a criminal.

    There is a lot more going on in the Government than what you see on CNN, MSNBC, and the like, but you will never see it in time if your mind is closed to the possibility.

  • Terence C

    Joe, The average gun owner for sport and self protection is not a criminal. The paranoid conspiracy monger’s that believe pre-emptive assassination of our own elected officials is fair political action have alot of explaining of example to show the rest of us–other than the Revolutionary War itself which I have to agree truly sanctified the belief in the need to bear arms in America.

    But as always, you can not give any of us a single plausible modern day scenario in which your household arsenal can accomplish anything lasting other than vigilante assassination. There are examples of that violent futility in the news quite regularly–these murders have mostly personal motives, and they all fail to show law enforcenment that personal arsenals hold the power to protect our job, dignity,…etc..

    The NRA ‘s hard core assertions that the one and only way top stop tyranny is a big uniquely American Myth.

    And don’t patronize me with pity while pretending not to follow my question.

  • Joe Byrne

    I still pity you, but then again, the world needs followers too.

  • Robert B.

    Call it what you want and shut your eyes and ears and become the victim if you like, as for me, I ‘m keeping my guns and ammo and am ready to defend the constution till my last breath. Amazing that our sheriff has like all the others in this country sworn to defend the constitution and refuses to implement any executive orders due to that they swore to protect it. Did Obama also swear to do the same? Yet he is doing exactly the opposite! He should be removed from office and thrown out of this country exiled just as his supporters should be. Touchy feel good legislation is exactly that feels good to those who propose it but does nothing to remedy the real problem which is protection for all. Obama is a TYRANT, he has FEMA buying all the ammo, why are they not for disaster relief. What legislator is willing to go out on a limb and tell us why they are buying all the ammo form .22 to shotgun shells? I believe thus far enough to sustain a 17 year war with who? US Citizens, gun owners? Why do we need to spend money on thousand’s of bullet proof check points, last look we did not have a huge terrorist threat as is the excuse for these check points for home grown terrorist. Then,our current military satalites can do what the portable x-ray machines can do so why spend all this money it is a waste. Drones in America? WTF have we degraded to this point to be as bad as Pakastan etc… are they going to use them against us without due process? Obama’s due process? Take our food in a crisis and leave us with 3 days worth for each member in a house hold? Then we would be like every other non prepper. Trying to steal, kill or what ever to survive! These are signs we have never seen in America, So, what is really up? Obama is a real threat and I for one will protect law or no law my property and personal belongings for anyone Obama included. I just hope he is in the front of the line when it come to that. I have yet to get a straight answer from Senator Miller in MN to say why FEMA needs all this ammo when they can not nor do not have enough funds to do their job of disaster relief? Nor has Mr. Miller commited out right and said he is against usless gun legislation including , AR’s, ammo magazine capacity and where he stands on back ground checks. We know where Kolbashar and Franken stand sorry for the mispelling but as you are worthless representatives, I won’t take time to spell it right. What we all need to do is start petitions to remove these people from office by getting enough signatures to have them recalled by vote or make darn sure we gun owners spread the word and have them removed come next election if we dare to wait for them to do further damage to our constitutional rights! I am not scared I stand shoulder to shoulder with all gun owners and the NRA! I am currently becomming a life member. I did not vote for Obama and can’t seem to find hardly any who did so how did he get elected? What country was he born in and when did he really become a US Citizen? He should not be president at all if all the rumors are true? But a sPresident, you can control and hide a lot of facts. We all put our pants on the same and go to the bathroom the same, just because you are elected does not make you any smarter nor any more deserving than the rest of us. if your kids can have armed guards protecting them, then our’s should also be protected the same. No gun free zones and allow anyone to carry a gun open carry if they choose to. In Alaska, no one thought twice about a long haired hippy guy in a bank or in a store with a rifle as he was a person from the bush comming into town, I have also had my rifle and pistol on my side while in the bank and in a bar. Kids are in shooting clubs for the schools, thus they leard gun safety and a fun sport, maybe that is why people in Alaska don’t freak out when they see someone with a gun. Maybe that is what the Lower 48 needs is reconditioning to accept guns as a useful tool for protection and hunting and sports… Most people who are against guns are ignorant of them and never used them they are thus afraid of them. Like the one lady at Walmart who found .22 bullets on the ground where a customer had them fall out his bag and did not notice them, the lady called for the manager and when hecame out and started picking them up she got all upset and told him not to touch them as they might explode he was supposed to call the cops to dispose of them! This is the mentality of Feinstein and the rest of the idiots who push for ignorant laws which only make legal gun owners criminals. Idiots