The Daily Digest (Honour interview, education bill, airport delays to end)

In Minnesota

Republican Scott Honour tells MPR News he’s running for governor because Democrats are making the state unfriendly for business. Honour also supports civil unions, though not marriage, for same-sex couples.

The state Senate passed an education bill that includes funding universal all day kindergarten for the state’s students.

Meanwhile, the House passed a higher education bill that includes a two year tuition fee at state colleges and universities.

Bar owners and brewers are among those who are not raising a glass to plans that would raise the excise tax on alcohol.

Michael Brodkorb is asking for $600,000 in damages from the state Senate, arguing that he was wrongly dismissed for having an affair with former Majority Leader Amy Koch.

In Washington/National Politics

Just in time for the next congressional recess, the Senate passes a legislation to stop furloughs for air traffic controllers and end a spate of delayed flights. The House could vote on the measure today.

You may have seen a story yesterday that said Congress was trying to exempt itself from the 2011 healthcare law. It’s not really true, but there is anxiety about how to implement the law for congressional staffers.

President Obama and all four past living presidents gathered in Dallas to dedicate former President George W. Bush’s presidential library. Bill Clinton made a slightly off-color joke.

Lawmakers in the U.S. House plan to offer a series of immigration bills, setting up a confrontation with the Senate which has one larger immigration package.

President Obama’s new nonprofit campaign-style organization, Organizing for Action, has hired staffers in 19 states, including Minnesota.

U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison and other congressional liberals wants a sit down meeting with President Obama to talk about his Social Security proposals that they disagree with.

Michele’s Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus re-launched on Thursday night. The event was closed press but approximately 20 lawmakers showed up.

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