The Daily Digest (Bachmann affidavit, GOP fears growing government)

In Minnesota

Senate Democrats will release their tax bill today. The plan will include an income tax hike on top earners, a cigarette tax increase and an expansion of sales tax to consumer services. DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said the die is cast on a tobacco tax hike and an income tax increase becoming law. The big question is how much those taxes will raise. Bakk said on Monday that Senate DFLers would likely go beyond the top two percent of filers but will have a lower overall rate than Gov. Dayton. Senate Tax Chair Rod Skoe says he intends to have the committee vote on the bill by Thursday. –Tom Scheck

Republican lawmakers claim the DFL’s legislative plans will enlarge the state’s government.

Sequester update: so far air travel at MSP appears normal although other airports have reported delays due to air traffic control furloughs.

Nursing home and long-term care workers would see small raises under the proposed HHS bill in the House.

Washington/National Politics

One of Michele Bachmann’s former top aides says Bachmann approved of payments to an Iowa state senator during her presidential campaign but that she wasn’t aware that the payments could be in violation of the state’s ethics rules.

Keith Ellison pushed backed against comments from a prominent GOP lawmaker who wants more surveillance of Muslim communities in the wake of last week’s bombings in Boston.

The Senate holds another day of hearings on the immigration bill. Politico analyzes last year’s election returns and says that had many of the immigrants here in the U.S. been citizens, Republicans would face a serious handicap in the Electoral College.

President Obama’s tax proposals would mostly raise taxes on those making $200,000 but an analysis but a respected nonprofit says even those making far less could pay a bit more.

Congressional Democrats have amassed an early fundraising edge over Republicans.


So it snowed again. Rather than deal with this horrible weather, why not stay home and watch a new Amazon TV show about a group of Senators who live in a group house?