The Daily Digest (Republicans walk out of tax hearing, more on Bachmann, Kline says no to Senate bid)

In Minnesota

MPR’s Poligraph determines that small businesses would not be affected by the House DFL tax plan unveiled last week.

Activists on both sides are trying to rally their supports as the legislature considers the issue of same-sex marriage.

Republicans walked out of a House tax hearing on Friday to protest a labor provision in the omnibus tax bill.

Gun legislation may have failed in Congress but some state lawmakers still hope to tighten the state’s gun laws.

Congress/National Politics

Some Republican lawmakers want the suspected Boston Marathon bomber treated as an enemy combatant rather than providing him with the protections of the criminal justice system.

The Star Tribune traces Michele Bachmann’s current legal problems to conflicts among her presidential campaign advisors.

“If you live by the media sword, you’re going to die by the media sword in most instances,” one veteran Congress watcher tells MPR about the fascination with Bachmann’s case.

Republican Congressman John Kline rules out a U.S. Senate bid. No Republicans have yet to formally announce a challenge to Al Franken next year.

U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen writes the latest in a series of op-eds calling for an end to the medical device tax.

The U.S. Senate is likely to vote on legislation as soon as today to allow states to collect sales tax on online sales. Both of Minnesota’s senators have co-sponsored the bill and the retail industry (including companies such as Best Buy and Target) is a strong supporter.