The Daily Digest (Fee increases, same-sex marriage rally and TGIF Edition)

Good morning,

There’s a lot of news this morning from Boston. Be sure to tune into MPR’s live stream for the latest developments.

In Minnesota

MPR News reports that in addition to tax increases, state lawmakers are considering hundreds of millions of dollars in new revenue from fees and fee increases.

Speaking of fees, the House voted for a plan to increase water fees.

But Gov. Dayton is unlikely to raise a fee on oil wholesalers.

Same-sex marriage supporters rallied at the State Capitol.

Washington/National Politics

Although there appears to be majority support in the House and Senate, Erik Paulsen’s medical device tax repeal bill isn’t moving because Republican leaders worry about the consequences of sending a revenue bill to the Democratic-held Senate.

A week since announcing he would challenge Michele Bachmann in the 6th District again, DFLer Jim Graves reports raising more than $100,000. The DFL sent out a fundraising email for Graves this week.

Sen. Al Franken is looking for an exemption to electronic verification of immigration status for dairy industry workers reports the Star Tribune.

Speaking of dairy, the House Agriculture Committee appears set to consider a farm bill by mid-May.

Even more from the sequester files, airport edition.

After this very long week, we wish you a very relaxing weekend.