The Daily Digest (Tax collections packed, business taxes whacked; Senate prayers relaxed?)

Political issues and committee work at the Capitol will compete for attention today with Minnesota’s miserable weather.


Stadium chief also backs memorabilia tax (Associated Press)

“The chairwoman of the state panel overseeing Vikings stadium construction said Wednesday that she supports a sales tax on professional sports merchandise as a backup for the financially struggling project.”

Minnesota: Tax collections topped forecast by $145M in February-March (Associated Press)

“Receipts from income, sales, and corporate taxes exceeded expectations. The state budget office says about 75 percent of the higher than expected sales tax revenue was due to lower than anticipated sales tax refunds.”

Twin Cities CEO considers U.S. Senate run against Al Franken (MPR News)

“Mike McFadden, co-CEO of a Minneapolis-based finance and asset management firm, says he’s thinking about running against DFL Sen. Al Franken in 2014.”

Business group takes aim at DFL tax plan (Star Tribune)

“A group of business leaders, United for Jobs, is releasing television, radio and newspaper ads around the state saying that proposals to increase state spending by $2 billion would crush the economy.”

Lawmakers irked by Mayo Clinic CEO’s comments (MPR News)

“The criticism came in a hearing a day after Mayo’s CEO suggested that Mayo Clinic would expand elsewhere if Rochester does not receive a half-billion dollar subsidy from the state.”

Sex-offender program changes reviewed by Minnesota House committee (Pioneer Press)

“If passed, the bill would require the state to offer more cost-effective treatment alternatives rather than housing all civilly committed sex offenders at the state’s high-security treatment center in Moose Lake.”

Sanford Health ends bid for Fairview (MPR News)

“Fairview, one of Minnesota’s largest health systems, had been in talks with Sanford Health and the University of Minnesota. But in the last several days, a potential deal with Sanford appeared wobbly after an onslaught of public criticism.”

Minn. Senate kills plan to give clergy more latitude on session prayer (MPR News)

“Minnesota Senate Republicans tried unsuccessfully to give visiting clergy members greater leeway in the prayers they offer before floor sessions. Sen. Dan Hall said guest clergy should be allowed to pray as they please.”

Minnesota Legislature likely won’t up spending on transportation (Associated Press)

“High hopes of a major infusion of new money for Minnesota road, bridge and mass transit construction gave way Wednesday, April 10, to the reality that the taxes needed to support those investments probably won’t pass into law this year.”

Vikings stadium taxes unfair, say Twins, Wild, Timberwolves (MPR News)

“Officials with those pro sports teams told lawmakers that while they support a new Vikings stadium, they weren’t so thrilled with the financing plans as they were taking shape.”

Lawmaker seeks Super Bowl Sunday liquor sales in Minn. (Associated Press)

“A Minnesota House panel on Wednesday discussed a plan to allow liquor stores to open on Super Bowl Sunday next year. Allowing liquor stores to open their doors for one extra day, the biggest sports event of the year, is a long shot.”


Health care and military spending bear the brunt of proposed cuts (New York Times)

Social Security part of cuts in Obama’s $3.77T budget plan (ABC News)

First vote set on Senate gun bill amid GOP resistance (CBS News)

Postal Service bows to pressure, won’t end Saturday delivery (Washington Post)

Move to widen help for Syrian rebels gains speed in West (New York Times)