The Daily Digest (Fairview deal doubt, pulltab shoutout; could gay marriage vote put rural DFLers out?)

Gov. Dayton today is expected to unveil his proposals for bonding and construction projects.

In Washington this week, the White House plans to release its 2014 budget proposal.


Downey elected state GOP chair (MPR News)

“Keith Downey served in the Minnesota House from 2009 until last year. He has the difficult task of leading a party that is more than $1.5 million in debt and is divided over the best direction for the future.”

Swanson grills Sanford executives on proposed Fairview merger (Star Tribune)

“State Attorney General Lori Swanson complained to Sanford Health executives that the firm had been less than forthcoming about its merger plans with Fairview Health Services and questioning its ties to billionaire ­philanthropist T. Denny Sanford.”

Gay marriage bill’s shaky future depends on House DFLers (Associated Press)

“Seventeen House Democrats represent districts where a majority of voters wanted the constitutional gay marriage ban. A “yes” vote from those members legalizing same-sex marriage could make them politically vulnerable.”

Manure runoff threatens southern Minnesota streams, fish (Pioneer Press)

“Manure-laden sediment has been running off farm fields and into trout streams for more than a week in southern Minnesota. State officials warn regulations might not be enough to protect the unique ecology from being damaged in a late-spring thaw.”

Vikings stadium: E-pulltabs may get marketing boost to help lagging revenue (Pioneer Press)

“With revenues from electronic charitable gambling lagging, Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s staff is working with the charities to beef up marketing to boost the games’ popularity.”

MPR analysis: Electronic pulltab numbers aren’t turning around ( MPR News)

“The March numbers are in for the state’s electronic pulltab industry and a turnaround is nowhere in sight.”

Minnesota panel created to trim agencies may get axed (Associated Press)

“How’s this for irony? A Minnesota commission created to determine which state agencies and boards are ripe for elimination is now on the chopping block itself.”

Minn. stands to lose $90M from federal cuts (Associated Press)

“State Budget Director Margaret Kelly briefed Minnesota lawmakers Friday on effects of the federal sequestration. She says it’s still largely unknown how those spending reductions could play out in the coming weeks and months.”

Twin Citians feel fine taking a midnight stroll (Star Tribune)

“A new Gallup survey indicates people feel safer in the Twin Cities than any other major metro area in the country. Of the Minneapolis-St. Paul residents, 80 percent said they feel safe walking around at night.”


Gun legislation’s prospects improve (Washington Post)

Backlash in pipeline on Keystone (Politico)

Obama readies for gun control push (ABC News)

Will she or won’t she: Hype building for Hillary Clinton in 2016 (CBS News)

‘Shared struggle’: Gay rights activists jump into immigration fray (NBC News)

Ellison joins liberal chorus against Obama’s proposed Social Security cuts

President Obama won’t be releasing the full text of his budget proposal until this week but some of his leaked proposals to change how inflation is calculated for Social Security have liberals such as Minneapolis U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison worried.

By changing the inflation calculation, Social Security benefits would grow more slowly over time.

Obama’s proposal, reported in the New York Times and other outlets, is widely perceived as part of a wider negotiation to reach a long-term fiscal agreement with Republicans and end the budget battles that have deadlocked Washington for two years.

“We should not try to bargain for [Republicans’] good will with policies that hurt our seniors, especially since they’ve been unwilling to reduce tax loopholes for millionaires and wealthy corporations by so much as a dime,” Ellison said in a statement Friday. — Brett Neely