Dayton calls town hall crowd rude

DFL Gov. Mark Dayton is complaining about the crowd at his latest town hall meeting.

Dayton said today that the behavior of some of the people who attended the event Monday night at Shakopee High School was “juvenile” and “rude.”

It was the seventh in a series of meetings that the governor has held around the state to discuss his budget proposal. There were pointed questions and long comments about taxes and spending, but Dayton said he thought several audience members went too far with their interruptions.

“I welcome the disagreements, and I welcome the controversy, and I welcome people who are genuinely upset expressing their upset,” Dayton said. “But not something that is just contrived for the purpose of trying to distract me or distract the conversation.”

Dayton said has enjoyed some great discussions, as well as some significant disagreements in his previous town hall meetings. He said the Shakopee audience was the rudest so far.