Bachmann to attend Thatcher funeral

WASHINGTON – During her unsuccessful presidential campaign, Michele Bachmann would sometimes say she had a “titanium spine,” a clear riff off of the description of Britain’s Margaret Thatcher as the “Iron Lady.”

Now, Bachmann will attend the funeral of the former British Prime Minister and conservative icon. House Speaker John Boehner announced Monday that Bachmann will be one of three House Republicans who will travel to London for Thatcher’s funeral on Wednesday. The other members include Reps. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and George Holding of North Carolina.

While it’s been common in the past for members of Congress to take military aircraft for delegations such as these, Boehner’s office says the trio will fly commercial as part of the House’s efforts to comply with across the board spending cuts that started last month.

Thatcher died last week. She served as Prime Minister between 1979 and 1990 and is the only woman to lead a British government.

  • Robert

    Baroness Margaret Thatcher would roll over in her grave if she knew Michele Bachmann was claiming her mantle.