The Daily Digest (Business aid, 911 pranks waylaid; on gun laws, a compromise made?)

Lawmakers today will dig into issues from college graduation rates and student debt to a bill authorizing home child care workers to organize a union.

The House expects to vote today on the creation of a Minnesota health insurance exchange.

Several state senators plan to announce a new Capitol ‘Purple Caucus’, where members of the Minnesota Legislature can “unite from across the aisle to share ideas in a constructive way.”


Highest earners pay smaller piece of income in state taxes (MPR News)

“The lowest income Minnesotans paid a higher percentage of their incomes in state and local taxes than did the wealthiest Minnesotans in 2010,” the state Revenue Department says.

Minn. gun owners to back law changes (Associated Press)

“In a turnabout, Minnesota gun rights advocates are lining up modest revisions to the state’s gun laws as a way to fend off more serious restrictions and give lawmakers the chance to make some progress on a politically charged issue.”

Poll: Background checks draw strong gun owner support (Star Tribune)

“More than 70 percent of all respondents, including 60 percent of gun owners and 64 percent of Republicans, favor universal background checks, a rapidly emerging gun-control priority in the legislative session, a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll finds.”

Is the Iron Range on the cusp of another mining boom? (MPR News)

“Proponents of two proposed copper-nickel mine projects in northeastern Minnesota say the projects will create jobs and generate billions in economic activity. Not everyone is convinced the short-term benefits are worth it.”

Bill would shield Minn. coaches from parent gripes (Associated Press)

“A bill now before the Legislature would add a sentence to the existing Minnesota law that governs the rights of coaches to contest their dismissals. It says that parent complaints can’t be the sole reason for letting a coach go.”

Minn. House panel considers boosting business fund (MPR News)

“The measure, which mirrors a proposal from DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, would provide $30 million over two years to the Minnesota Investment Fund to help relocating and expanding businesses that promise to create new jobs. ”

Health exchange incentive for insurers added to Minnesota House bill (Pioneer Press)

“Key lawmaker adds a provision to entice health insurers by guaranteeing them the chance to sell a limited number of products in the new health exchange marketplace. The change is the most significant contrast between bills in the House and Senate.”

911 pranks draw stiffer penalties under bill (Associated Press)

“Bipartisan legislation would make it a gross misdemeanor to report a fictitious emergency to 911 dispatchers with the intent of luring authorities somewhere. If the call results a serious injury, felony charges could ensue.”


With sequester in place, what’s next? (CBS News)

Deal to avert shutdown likely, Boehner says (Washington Post)

WH official: Obama to tap Walmart exec as budget chief (CBS News)

Mitt Romney: “It kills me” to not be in the White House (CBS News)

Sean Hannity vs. Minn. Rep. Keith Ellison: Feud becomes opportunity for money, attention, ratings (Associated Press)