Bachmann says federal health care law will “literally kill people”

GOP U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann has not been shy about voicing her concerns over the federal health care law enacted under President Obama. But today Bachmann upped the rhetoric on the law by saying on the House floor that the law will “literally kill people.”

“The American people, especially vulnerable women, vulnerable children, vulnerable senior citizens now get to pay more and get less,” Bachmann said. “That’s why we’re here because we’re saying let’s repeal this failure before it literally kills women, kills children, kills senior citizens. Let’s not do that.”

Bachmann’s comments come one day after Gov. Dayton signed a bill that creates a Minnesota-based health insurance exchange. The exchange, which is the centerpiece of the federal health care law, will create an online marketplace for health insurance. Advocates of the plan say roughly 1.3 million Minnesotans will shop for health care on the site. It is expected to insure 300,000 Minnesotans who don’t have health coverage today.

Bachmann has been no stranger to making dramatic statements that end up being false. She got a lot of blowback this week from fact-checkers who took aim at her comments at CPAC last weekend.

Bachmann lost a bid to be the GOP presidential candidate last year and went on to narrowly win her re-election bid against Democrat Jim Graves. On Monday, she declined to say whether she intends to run for the U.S. Senate or for re-election in 2014.

  • Jim Mork

    Well, it IS true that American hospitals kill tens of thousands of people with medical mistakes. So if universal health care makes hospitalization affordable, does that mean thousands MORE medical errors and deaths? I’m sure Bachmann doesn’t mean this, but it is something to think about. Probably safer to take a plane to a country without such intense pressure for profit. Abandon the mess that private enterprise has made out of healthcare here in the USA

  • Gary Lagerstedt

    Earth to Michelle: What color IS the sky in your universe? Is it really O.K. to make up any untruth you wish? I find it curious that you can speak these falsehoods and then not be willing to own up to the facts when you’re called out on them. Amazing!

  • Ann Licht

    Bachman wants the medical bill repealed because she fears that she may be committed once the bill is fully enacted. I have never heard one person spout so much nonsense as she does