Federal Employees in Minnesota: What do they do?

MPR News reporter Brett Neely recently wrote a story examining the federal employee workforce in Minnesota and the potential affects of the automatic budget cuts (called sequestration) that were triggered March 1.

Here’s an interactive graphic we made to go alongside Neely’s story:

Note: *Veterans services and Social Security are exempt from automatic cuts. Postal employees are not counted because USPS is independent of the regular budgeting process Source: Office of Policy Management

  • Jake W.

    Where do agencies like the National Weather Service fall into this? I don’t see them or the dept. of commerce (their parent agency).

  • Calvin

    commerce is under other and has 270 employees.

    NASA?? What do they do in MN.

    And why are there more ag employees than homeland security? Our farmers can not plant their crops without guidance from the great and powerful Fed?

  • Matt

    So many of these agencies do so many different things that it’s hard to parse out. I’d love to see this broken down by the different sub-agencies.

    I couldn’t find a number for NASA on the chart. I’d guess that any employees they have here are research or education people affiliated with the colleges and universities.

    Dept. of Agriculture has a bunch of things under it. One is the Forest Service, which manages around 10% of the land in Minnesota. Another is funding agricultural research. I suspect there are a number of researchers at various Minnesota universities that are paid by USDA.