Senate leaders praise dismissal of parts of Brodkorb suit

Republican and DFL leaders in the Minnesota Senate are welcoming news that a federal judge has dismissed several counts from a lawsuit filed by a former Senate staffer.

U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson dismissed three counts of defamation from the lawsuit filed by former Minnesota Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb. Two discrimination counts remain.

Brodkorb was fired in 2011 after several senators learned he was having an affair with then-GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch. Brodkorb sued saying female staffers who had affairs were treated differently.

DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk issued a statement saying legislative leaders hope to bring the remainder of the lawsuit to a prompt and satisfactory conclusion.

Brodkorb said via email he had no comment on the judge’s decision.

Here’s Bakk’s statement:

“I welcome this news on behalf of the Minnesota State Senate. We will now take time to review the implications of this decision as we determine how the Senate will proceed and ultimately resolve this litigation. Our hope is to bring the remainder of the law suit to a prompt and satisfactory conclusion.”

Here’s a statement from GOP Senate Minority Leader David Hann (who was one of the senators who initially confronted Koch about the affair):

“We’re pleased the judge agreed with the Senate and dismissed all three claims. We’ve said all along these claims are without merit and the Senate has acted lawfully. We believe the courts will find the remaining claims to also be without merit.”

Here’s Nelson’s ruling:

Judge Ruling on Brodkorb by