In light of new rules, House GOP proposes avalanche of amendments

Republicans in the Minnesota House are proposing more than 150 amendments to four noncontroversial bills that are scheduled to be on the House floor today.

The action comes after Democrats who control the Minnesota House passed a set of rules that require floor amendments to be submitted 24 hours before session. GOP House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt complained that the new rules will limit debate and that Democrats are trying to “muzzle” the minority. Daudt proposed most of the amendments to today’s bills.

Democrats say the new rules will increase transparency because the public can now look at the amendments before lawmakers start debating the bills. The old rules allowed members to submit an amendment during debate.

Daudt may also be implementing a strategy used by former GOP House Minority Leader Marty Seifert from 2007-2010. Seifert worked to slow the legislative process down by offering multiple amendments to legislation. Daudt managed Seifert’s unsuccessful campaign for governor in 2010.

  • tom

    The Repuklican idiots not only need to be “Muzzled” but also like rabies carrying scum, be euthanized for being such idiotic ass hats. Let them keep destroying themselves.

  • John

    Republicans act like a bunch of spoiled children. At what point do the quit trying to break things and actually do their job?

    They ALL need to be voted out. Zero ethics, and even less brains.

  • Colin

    Daudt is proving that the rules do not harm debate.

    If he can write as many as 150 amendments simply to obstruct legislation then the rules he’s complaining about are not strict at all.

    Imagine how constituents feel when Daudt introduces a last minute amendment that changes the entire point of a bill. Despite being unconstitutional because of the single subject rule, this was done all the time in Minnesota.

  • Patrick Cunningham

    I watched the Repubs on live Public Television the other day doing their best to obstruct and delay. Really sickening to see supposedly intelligent people act like brats in a sandbox. One Repub complained Dems “were not allowing debate”. Debate??? Their sly spoiled-brat tactics were not even close to debate. I recommend citizens to watch legislative tricks and antics LIVE. It clearly shows why nothing gets done at the capitol.