The Daily Digest (Floor debate clash, grant rules rash, Franken’s got cash?)

Quiet Friday at Minnesota’s Capitol. Next week promises lots of action with three days of gun bill hearings and President Obama in Minneapolis Monday to talk federal gun control.

The biggest news this morning may be from across the globe. The Associated Press reports a suicide attacker has detonated a bomb outside the U.S. Embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara, killing two people.


House rules change rankles Republicans (MPR News)

The DFL plan would require proposed amendments to be filed 24 hours before the debate on a bill starts. It’s a dramatic departure from current rules that let members propose bill changes during debate. Republicans are furious.

Gun limits for felons proposed in Minnesota (MPR News)

With the backing of the Minnesota County Attorney’s Association, DFL lawmakers propose to add felony domestic violence to the list of crimes that prohibit a convict from ever again legally possessing a gun.

Jones faces criticism as Congress mulls ATF nomination (MPR News)

A retired FBI agent is questioning whether B. Todd Jones should be permanent director of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Jones is Minnesota’s U.S. attorney and under consideration for the top ATF job.

What brings in the big bucks in Dayton’s sales tax proposal? (Star Tribune)

“Taxing computer, legal, architectural and engineering, accounting, advertising and employment services would bring hefty hauls to the state coffers from Gov. Dayton’s $3.5 billion sales tax overhaul.”

Part-time students say grant formula penalizes employment (MPR News)

College students say Minnesota’s main financial aid program penalizes them for holding a job while studying. They’re asking lawmakers to reconsider the formula.

Bill easing absentee voting gets a hearing (MPR News)

The bill, under review by a House committee, would allow eligible voters to get an absentee ballot without explaining why they can’t vote in person at their neighborhood polling place on Election Day. It would let many more people vote by absentee ballot.

Democratic super PAC to target Bachmann and Kline in 2014 (MPR News)

“One of the most deep-pocketed Democratic outside spending groups of the 2012 campaign has put out a new list of House Republican lawmakers it plans to target in 2014, and Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann and John Kline are both on it.”

Franken starts year with $1.3 million cushion and no clear challenger (Star Tribune)

“Though no clear challenger has emerged for his 2014 re-election bid, the state GOP expects to land a “very high-quality” challenger.”

Ellison invites slain businessman’s son to State of the Union (Associated Press)

“The son of a Minneapolis business owner who was gunned down in September has been invited to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Feb. 12.”


U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey hit by suicide blast; 2 dead, police say (CBS News)

White House: Defense nominee Hagel less than perfect but confirmation on track (CBS News)

Poll: Majority sees Washington as treat to personal rights (Washington Post)

Congress passes debt bill as a $1 trillion ax looms (New York Times)

Dayton to head European trade mission

Gov. Dayton will lead a group of Minnesota businesses on a trade mission to Germany, Sweden and Norway in June.