VIDEO: Ellison tussles with Sean Hannity

WASHINGTON – Keith Ellison, one of the most liberal Democrats in the U.S. House, went into the lion’s den on Tuesday night, appearing on conservative commentator Sean Hannity’s television show on Fox News.

The result was “an epic battle” according to one blogger at The Atlantic. The pair were supposed to discuss the coming automatic, across-the-board budget cuts that begin March 1.

Ellison fired the shot first, calling Hannity, “the worst excuse for a journalist I’ve ever seen,” and then continued to pour on the invective.

Hannity eventually countered, calling Ellison, “a total waste of time.”

While the interview made for possibly cringe-worthy television, the episode will likely energize the most conservative and liberal supporters of both men.

You can watch the fireworks for yourself here (via Politio Politico):

  • Darren

    Keith Ellison is my Representative, I DO vote for him (well, not the first time he ran) and I’m probably even more “liberal” than he is.

    With that said, he REALLY needs to tone down his rhetoric, especially when he goes into “the lion’s den.”

    Yes, Sean Hannity is a very poor excuse for a “journalist” and perhaps should have just stayed working as a roofer rather than becoming a lackey and spouting GOP talking points day in and day out, but Ellison doesn’t do any favors for himself or his party when he goes on the attack first.

    I expect members of Congress to behave in a civilized manner, and attacking the host of a show right off the bat indicates to me someone who isn’t in control of his emotions and not skilled at debating.

    He sometimes makes me as embarrassed as Michele Bachmann when she goes “off the rails.”

  • Chris

    I don’t get embarrassed when Bachmann goes off the rails. It just validates my opinion of her. To see Ellison go off on Hannity is kind of refreshing. He was angry, but “lost control of his emotions”? You were watching a different video than me. It was heated but “uncivilized”? C’mon…

  • Denny

    More politicians should call Fox News out on their blatant lies. In fact, that should be the only reason for appearing on Fox News.

    Ellison did WELL to say what he did. We need more of it.

  • randax

    You’re proud of Ellison? For name calling and shouting? He never even allowed the host to get to the topic (the sequester) nor did he answer a single question in the “interview” he agreed to give.

    Ellison is an embarrasment to Minnesota.

    He should go back to taking drug gang money for defending gang members in our MN courtrooms.

    Oh wait, he’s even more dangerous there than being a loose cannon dolt in congress. Keep him in Washington.

  • Doriano


  • Wendy Gaskill

    Ellison is my hero. Keep it up. Time to fight back to Fox news!!!

  • Nick

    I enjoyed Rep.Ellison’s statements on the show, and it is true what he said, that Hannity is the worst excuse for a journalist there is! He’s a right-wing spin specialist, and nothing more. You can’t believe anything he says.

    Way to go Rep, Ellison! I’m very glad you represrent us here in Minnesota!

  • roger