Child care union bill coming

Another effort is underway to organize state-subsidized child care providers.

The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 5 is holding a State Capitol news conference Monday to announce the Child Care Collective Bargaining Act. An advisory from the union said legislation will be introduced that day to authorize child care providers to collectively bargain with the State of Minnesota.

Sen. Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, and Rep. Michael Nelson, DFL-Brooklyn Park, will attend along with child care providers.

A previous attempt to organize the same group of in-home providers failed last year when a Ramsey County judge blocked a unionization vote in response to a lawsuit from union opponents. The judge ruled that Gov. Mark Dayton had exceeded his authority when he scheduled the vote with an executive order.

Separate legislation was introduced this week to allow a unionization vote among subsidized personal care assistants who provide self-directed home health care to the elderly and disabled. The Service Employees International Union is leading that effort.

  • Bob

    State-subsidized care givers only, huh? More unions out for more money given from the state. They can’t get money from the private sector so they go continue on the public trough.

  • Natalie Marose

    “For Minnesota, a state that wants to improve quality child care and early learning programs and reduce the gap, unionization is a serious step in the wrong direction.

    If the bill passes, options for parents receiving Child Care Assistance will be limited. Parents on assistance will no longer be able to enroll their children in some of the high quality family child care programs that they currently have available to them.

    Providers able to maintain capacity, due to their quality of care, do not RELY ON or NEED to accept families receiving Child Care Assistance. In order to accept children on assistance providers will be required to join the union. Non-union providers will not be accessible to families receiving Child Care Assistance.

    Family child care providers offering the highest quality care, successfully operating their small business, holding membership and being active in professional organizations, that support quality early care and education, choose to participate in opportunities for ongoing improvement such as accreditation, Parent Aware and continuing education or provide specific programing such as faith-based family child care that do not join the union will not be accessible to families on assistance.


    Child Care Provider”

  • sharron wyandt\

    Someone is exceeding thier auithority on this one ! It’s been voted out it has also been thrown out because our governor had no right on this one! Daycare union forget it we don’t need one! the ones that will suffer the most with be the children in our daycare homes! Prople think about it this line of business is not one to go into expecting to break the bank in income. The rewards are far more wealthier than the green backs. We work with the county yes, and our parents to better ourselfs any thing we can do to get our hands on to make learning more fun, my little ones can read by the time they go to kindergarten, well rounded people and that takes years to do.I start when they are babys working with them. Teaching them, having funwith them. They don’t need this union crap interfeering with lives and neither do I.