Two ways to look at government employment

Data posted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis offer an interesting look at government employment in the Upper Midwest states in its district.


The Fed’s Ron Wirtz writes:

Every state has the same basic makeup of local, state and federal government workers. However, the mix and proportion of public sector workers–in sum, and by jurisdiction–can be quite different.

For example, on the basis of total employment, public sector employment in Wisconsin and Minnesota dwarfs the Dakotas and Montana because their populations are much larger.

However, on a per capita basis, the relationship is reversed; the Dakotas and Montana having proportionately more public sector employees, particularly at state and federal levels, the latter of which is likely due to large federal military bases in each state.

North Dakota hits the trifecta, with more public employees per 10,000 people at all three basic levels of government than other district states