The Daily Digest (More tax details, train hope derails; GOP governors OK taxing sales?)

It’s Friday at the Capitol, so it’ll be a quiet day.


What’s taxed, what isn’t? Dayton releases sales tax specifics (MPR News)

Dayton administration releases a list of items that would remain exempt from the sales tax, items that would see a reduced tax rate and the list of goods and services that would now be taxed under this plan.

Dayton wants counties to pay more at state psych hospital (MPR News)

Gov. Dayton wants counties to pay millions of dollars more to help fund mental health treatment for patients at the Minnesota Security Hospital and the Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center who are ready for discharge.

Dayton: No Money For Minn. High-Speed Rail Lines (Associated Press)

“Gov. Dayton says there is no government money right now to build high-speed rail lines in Minnesota.”

Dayton girds for a backlash on his tax plan (Star Tribune)

“Even as his Revenue Department was releasing details of who would be pinched and who would be exempt, Dayton heard from executives who said his plan would kill jobs and businesses.”

Potential Franken challenger dismisses women in combat (Star Tribune)

“Iraq war veteran Pete Hegseth, head of Concerned Veterans for America and a potential challenger to U.S. Sen. Al Franken in 2014 comes out strongly against the Pentagon’s new plan to allow women in combat roles.”

Blackmun bust bill riles abortion foes (MPR News)

Lawmakers want money for a bust inside the state Capitol of former U.S. Supreme Court Justice and St. Paul native Harry Blackmun. The state’s main anti-abortion group objects, citing Blackmun’s prominent role in the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Road group says $7B in Minn. road repairs needed (Pioneer Press)

“Nearly one-third of Minnesota’s major roads need repair, with 12 percent in poor condition,” says new report by TRIP, a national transportation research group funded by highway and transit interests.

Dayton to Wis. Gov Walker: Mind your own business ( MPR News)

Gov Dayton hits back at criticism of his tax plan from Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, saying iWisconsin’s economy’s done “far worse” than Minnesota the past few years … I would suggest Gov. Walker focus on his problems…”


GOP governors push bigger reliance on sales taxes (New York Times)

Older smokers priced out of Obamacare? (CBS News)

Down but not out, Republicans regroup at RNC winter meeting (NBC News)

Kerry links economics to foreign policy (New York Times)

Republicans in Virginia, other states seeking Electoral College changes (Washington Post)

Franken calls Senate filibuster deal good compromise

A bipartisan deal doesn’t stop individual senators from blocking presidential nominees but will limit the use of filibusters when the Senate begins debating a bill.

DFL Senator Al Franken was part of a group seeking to change the rules more dramatically. But he says he’ll go along this deal. “We want the Senate to function and in my mind, this is a good compromise. I anticipate that this will speed things up but we’ll just have to see how it goes.” — Brett Neeley