Dayton to Scott Walker: Mind your own business

Gov. Dayton had some harsh words for his neighbor, Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker. On Wednesday, Walker posted this to Twitter in reaction to Dayton’s budget plan.

“In ’11, IL raised taxes on income by 66% & businesses by 46%. Now MN Gov is proposing a $2 bil tax increase. WI is Open for Business.”

On Thursday, Dayton was asked about Walker’s comments after his speech to the Minnesota Newspaper Association. He said Walker didn’t have much to brag about.

“Gov. Walker’s economy is faring far worse than Minnesota’s over the last couple of years,” Dayton said. “I would suggest Gov. Walker focus on his problems, and we’ll deal with bettering Minnesota.”

Dayton insisted that there is no correlation between tax levels and job growth or per capita income. He cited statistics from the Minnesota Taxpayer’s Association saying Minnesota has higher job growth than Wisconsin.