The Daily Digest (Shooting prompts gun control debate, Bachmann is quiet, MN’s electoral votes are cast today)

President Obama visited Newtown, CT last night. He attended a memorial service for the children and faculty who were murdered at an elementary school on Friday. He said the nation isn’t doing enough to protect its children.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is calling on President Obama to take action on guns.

The Wall St. Journal says California Senator Diane Feinstein plans to introduce legislation that would ban assault weapons.

The New York Times also says the Justice Department shelved ideas to improve background checks on gun buyers.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison called for greater gun control laws.

DFL Sen. Al Franken, who is on the ballot in 2014, and several other members of Minnesota’s delegation declined to say whether changes to gun laws need to occur.

The Hartford Courant has a look at the victims and their stories.

The Hartford Courant has the most detailed breakdown of what happened in the school.

AP says the gunman in the shooting repeatedly shot his mother in the head before he went on his rampage at a Connecticut school.

The Washington Post says the gunman’s mother collected guns and took her sons to the shooting range.

The New York Times says the weapon used is popular among gun owners.

The New York Times also says the Justice Department shelved ideas to improve background checks on gun buyers.

Under the Dome

Minnesota’s ten electoral votes will be cast today during a ceremony at the State Capitol. Minnesota voted for President Obama in November.

MPR says flood aid to northeastern Minnesota is only a trickle so far.

The Mankato Free Press says the number of farmers in the new Legislature will be a record low.

Minnesota is implementing new ways to educate immigrant students.

The Star Tribune says the Metropolitan Airports Commission and the Met Council are under fire for not being public enough.

Politics in Minnesota says the House DFL named their assistant majority leaders.

The Pi Press and Duluth News Tribune take a look at the high use and abuse of prescription opiates.

The Star Tribune says Golden Valley holds the fate of an LRT line.

Washington D.C.

Reuters says Speaker John Boehner opened the door to increasing income tax rates.

He also proposed a debt ceiling increase for a year.

Millions will face higher taxes if a fix isn’t made quickly.

AP says President Obama is likely to pick Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry as the next Secretary of State.

MPR reports that GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is keeping a low profile after her close election in November.

The Star Tribune says a tax credit for wind energy may blow away.

The Mesabi Daily News says there will be a forum on permitting.