The Daily Digest (Forecast week, Dayton hits L.A. and D.C., Fiscal cliff stalemate, Push to legalize same-sex marriage begins)

The November forecast will be released this week. AP says the fight over the fiscal cliff in Washington D.C. is clouding the projections in Minnesota.

Gov. Dayton has a busy travel schedule this week. He’s in Los Angeles today to attend a Democratic Governor’s Association meeting. He’ll be in Washington D.C. tomorrow to attend a meeting at the White House to discuss the fiscal cliff.

The Star Tribune takes a look at which taxes could go up under Dayton’s plan.

The New York Times has a look at how taxpayers bankroll business.

Some cities are weaning themselves off of LGA.

MPR says activists are laying the groundwork to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota. DFL Rep. Alice Hausman says she’s pushing to have the Legislature vote on the issue immediately. DFL leaders in the House and Senate are reluctant to take up the issue at this time.

DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk downplayed efforts to take up the issue.

A transportation task force is calling for an increase to the gas tax and license tab fees.

A group that worked to pass the Voter ID amendment says voter fraud is one of the reasons the amendment was defeated by 177 thousand votes.

Five states are going to increase class times in some schools.

The PoliGraph says GOP House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt’s budget numbers are correct but need more context.


Funeral services for a Cold Spring police officer will be held on Wednesday. Officer Tom Decker was ambushed and killed late last week.


Surprise! Democrats and Republicans continue to disagree over taxes and spending. Neither side appears willing to budge on a measure to avert the fiscal cliff.

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says there will be no deal on averting the fiscal cliff without the wealthy paying higher taxes.

President Obama took his fiscal cliff pressure on the road.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison appeared on ABC’s This Week on Sunday to discuss the fiscal cliff.

The Washington Post profiles Grover Norquist.

Pressure is mounting on President Obama on the Keystone pipeline.

The feds are proposing a fee on health insurers in the new market.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz pushes a mental health bill for veterans.


Hurricane Sandy slowed consumer spending in October.

Middle East

The United Nations voted to recognize Palestine as a non-member observer state.


Mitt Romney’s loss has created a leadership vacuum in the GOP.

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