In wake of shooting, Ellison calls for greater gun control laws

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison appeared on TPT’s Almanac tonight to discuss the shooting at an elementary school in Connecticut. During the interview, Ellison argued for greater gun control measures.

“The NRA (National Rifle Association) is strong and many of them (members of Congress) take the position that any gun position is going to lead to the position of taking away of all guns,” Ellison said. “This is not rational. We need sane, sensible gun regulation and we need it now.”

Ellison says his top initiatives would be to address high capacity clips that hold multiple rounds of bullets and greater background checks that require people to submit to background checks before purchasing weapons at gun shows.

“Those are things that we can do now that won’t interfere with the right to own a gun but hopefully will avoid and keep guns out of the hands out of the people who are violently unstable,” Ellison said.

Ellison also says there needs to be greater access to mental health treatment. He said that would help identify early signs of mental instability which he says lead some to take violent acts.

Ellison has been the most vocal of Minnesota’s Congressional delegation to today’s shooting. Many others suggested that today was not the day to discuss whether stricter gun control measures are needed.

  • Greg

    This is not the time for political grandstanding. This is just base oportunism in it’s most vile form and Rep Ellison should be ashamed.

  • Linda in Plymouth

    MN Rep. Ellison is the worst example of a MN representative. He has accepted funds and gifts from Muslim Brotherhood affiliates. Ask him about his over seas trips he sheepishly tried to ignore discussing. Ask him about his views of Palestine and his support to CAIR, the un-indicted co-conspirator to what our US marked as terrorist funders. Ask him about GUN control when we see this in the Fox News yet no other media wants to cover it. it is why your taxes go up and partly why we have a deficit..the USA buys our enemies meager cooperation. New spending promoted from tour own officials that are supportive to our enemies is not so difficult to believe. The United States government is poised to give Egypt – and the radical Muslim Brotherhood – 20 of our top fighter jets. The cost: more than $200 million in U.S. taxpayer funds. Muslim Brotherhood with out fighter jets to pose a bigger threat to our ally Israel and some day to our military. This is what happens when you re-elect a president that has no experience and has no foreign policy plan. If he has a plan, he hides it well_ anyone care to show us any solid plans he has for the economy and foreign relations? Good luck because there is none. And if anyone wants our government people to decide more new regulations would be stupid sheep.

  • strayaway

    Having gun laws as strict as Connecticut’s would not have stopped this. The guns used were legally registered to his parents.

    Guns are a factor. We don’t know what the effects of Hollywood violence and video games are in this case or in general. We do know innocent children were murdered by a bomb in Oklahoma city, and by drones in Pakistan. Thousands of people were also killed in the World Trade Towers by mostly illegal aliens our government lost track of.

    On a positive note, homicide rates are down from 9.6/100,000 to 4.8/100,000 between 1982 and 2010; a huge decrease. We must be doing something right.

  • Roxanne Prichard

    I applaud Rep. Ellison on his comments. We need to immediately address access to mental health care, limit the ability to purchase guns without adequate background checks (the gun show loophole) and limit the sale of high capacity clips. This is not political grandstanding. This is what the people are calling for to protect our most vulnerable members of society. It is disgraceful NOT to dicsuss gun control and mental health.

  • Brian

    I am proud to have Ellison as my representative. He stands for what is right. This includes taking a second look at our current gun laws.

    Unfortunately, with this week’s tragedy, we have to talk about guns again. Perhaps these simple steps would not have prevented the awful events in Conn., but it is a start.

    I am not a gun person, but I am respectfully wondering, why are ‘gun people’ so afraid of two simple initiatives to address high capacity clips and better background checks?

  • Benjamin

    Gun control laws are not to blame. There are sick minded people in the world. The percentage of them is only slightly higher every several decades, but there are more of them due to population increase.

    Gun control laws will not stop the people who are determined to commit atrocities. They will make the guns themselves or order them illegally, then we have NOTHING to protect ourselves with. Maybe a vase or lamp? Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.