Bachmann accuses Obama of curbing free speech to help Islamists

WASHINGTON – After more than a month of keeping a low profile following her extremely close re-election, Michele Bachmann is back in the spotlight, this time for comments accusing the Obama Administration of seeking to limit freedom of speech in order to help radical Islamic groups.

Bachmann made her remarks in a lengthy interview with “Understanding the Times,” a Maple Grove, MN-based Christian radio show that emphasizes biblical prophecies around the end of the world.

Her accusations are mostly a re-hash of ones she made in a speech this past fall, particularly about a United Nations caucus of Islamic states known as the Organization of the Islamic Conference that Bachmann believes is trying to prevent other states from allowing their citizens to criticize Islam.

Citing an OIC document, Bachmann told interviewer Jan Markell, “Everyone else would lose their right of speech and expression,” were the group’s plans to succeed. She compared the paper to Adolf Hitler’s pre-Holocaust manifesto “Mein Kampf.”

For the record, the document she’s referring to describes Islam as “a religion of moderation and tolerance” that encourages peaceful dialogue between nations.

Bachmann criticized the Obama Administration for “aiding and abetting” the OIC’s goal of promoting universal Islamic law and cited the FBI’s decision this year to withdraw training manuals about the religion from counter-terrorism training courses.

Those manuals were discarded after a reporter discovered that they characterized all American Muslims as likely terrorist sympathizers and described the Prophet Muhammed as a “cult leader.”

Criticizing Islam is well-trod territory for Bachmann, who earlier this year was denounced by Republicans and Democrats alike for suggesting that members of the Muslim Brotherhood were infiltrating the U.S. government.

Bachmann sits on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and makes frequent reference to her membership on that panel in speeches.

  • JayPea

    You shouldn’t say “Bachmann” and “Intelligence in the same sentence unless it is a negative sentence.

  • Bill Prendergast

    Thanks for running this story here on MPR. Since 2006 I’ve been trying to get MPR (and other Minnesota news media) to run timely reporting of Bachmann’s most extreme charges and statements. I sent in actual examples back then, including quotes from Bachmann appearances on programs like “Understanding The Times.” (Yes, she was spouting similar extremist paranoia and conspiracy theory on the very same program you mention in this story, as far back as 2004. I’ve still got some recordings of that, if you’re ever interested.)

    Bachmann was already a Minnesota State Senator and US Congressional candidate when she went on record with paranoid, ultraright claims. Even so, there was tremendous resistance in Minnesota media to reporting that sort of Bachmann statement to the public. (Even when there were actual recordings of her saying this stuff!) At the Star Tribune, the Pioneer Press, here at MPR–it was like talking to a brick wall, trying to get the state’s leading news media to do a story on it.

    As a result Bachmann was able to get away with murder, when it came to controlling public perception of her here in Minnesota. The reluctance of the state’s press to quote her spouting bigotry or conspiracy theories helped her tremendously during congressional campaigns. The situation didn’t change until media outside the state started acquainting Minnesotans with this congressmember’s most controversial and newsworthy views.

    I hope the story you’ve run above is representative of new willingness at MPR to report her most provocative statements in a timely manner, as soon as you can source them adequately.

  • Dwight Bobson

    Why does anyone pay any attention to anything she does or says? We all know she is batsh*t crazy.

  • noni gillham

    The reason people pay attention to Michelle, is because she is correct.

    Time will tell—–