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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where some Minnesota legislators are making a comeback, the fiscal cliff is dividing the state’s DC delegation, and House Republicans reject a White House proposal to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Around Minnesota

Twelve ex-Minnesota lawmakers are making a comeback.

Rep. Mary Franson won a two-day recount, sending her back to the Legislature for a second term.

The Minnesota Senate Rules Committee will consider another legal bill in the Michael Brodkorb case on Dec. 13, MinnPost reports.

An American Crystal union vote is expected Saturday.

In Washington

The White House presented House Republicans with a plan to avoid the fiscal cliff.

The proposal include $50 billion in new spending and $1.6 trillion in new taxes over the next decade, the Washington Post details.

House Speaker John Boehner wasn’t too hot on the plan.

Obama is getting an grassroots assist from liberal groups across the country on the fiscal cliff. The Action has a presence in Minnesota, too.

The fiscal cliff is dividing Minnesota’s delegation.

Rep. Keith Ellison warned the White House not to give too much away in a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff.

Republican Rep. John Kline is among Republicans open to raising tax revenue to avoid fiscal cliff.

Two political prognosticators say Sen. Al Franken is in decent shape to win reelection in 2014.

Ellison was named one of the world’s most influential Muslims.

There’s new enthusiasm in Congress to pass a five-year farm bill before then end of the lame duck session, Politico reports.

The economy grew at 2.7 percent rate in summer.

The number of people seeking unemployment benefits also dropped.

Most people also face a lower tax burden than they did in 1980.

The federal government could save a lot of money by delaying when seniors can take advantage of Medicare, but the strategy would come with hidden costs.

Obama and Mitt Romney lunched on turkey chili and grilled chicken salad.

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