The Daily Digest

Welcome to the Daily Digest, where MPR looks at what last week’s election meant, the state Legislature has new leadership, and Congress turns to tackle the fiscal cliff.

Around Minnesota

MPR looks at what last week’s election says about Minnesota.

Many state DFLers lead districts where marriage amendment passed.

House DFLers have elected Rep. Paul Thissen of Minneapolis to be Speaker of the House and Rep. Erin Murphy of St. Paul to be their House Majority Leader.

DFLers in the Minnesota Senate have elected Sen.Tom Bakk, DFL-Cook to be their leader.

Rep. Kurt Daudt of Crown has been named House Minority Leader.

Sen. David Hann of Eden Prairie will act as Senate Minority Leader.

In Washington

Congress must tackle the fiscal cliff.

It may mark a “magic moment” for compromise.

To rally support for a plan, President Barack Obama plans to go outside Washington, D.C.

House Speaker John Boeher has told his caucus to fall in line on the issue.

Rick Nolan embraces role as ‘veteran freshman’ in Congress.

After the election, Republicans go soul searching, which could mean a change in attitude on immigration, among other issues.

CIA Director David Petraeus resigned Friday.

The affair was discovered when the F.B.I. investigated emails between Patreaus’ mistress and another woman who knows Patreaus.

Lawmakers are questioning the F.B.I’s handling of Patreaus’ affair.

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