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Well folks, it’s about time to have an election.

Polls open at 7 a.m., and all of you should vote.

MPR’s radio coverage starts at 6 p.m. tonight and goes until…

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You can also find your polling place on MPR’s website.

With that, here’s what’s happening in the state and nationally.

Around Minnesota

At least $10.4 million has been spent so far on the state’s legislative races. That’s far more than in years past, and the money is being focused on highly competitive races from Edina to Fargo.

Click here to see the the top 10 most expensive races and where the most money is being spent.

The Republican and DFL parties spent Monday on get out the vote efforts.

State voting officials are preparing for heavy turnout.

Absentee voting is popular here, the Star Tribune reports.

Josh Romney, Mitt Romney’s son, was in the state for a rally.

So was Republican National Committee chair Reince Priebus.

Meanwhile, candidates in the 8th Congressional District made their final campaign push.

The 8th CD is one of the most competitive races in the country. Politico has 10 things to watch for in U.S. House races.

Minnesota voters will also be deciding whether to approve to constitutional amendments, including a proposal that would require people to show photo identification at the polls.

Support and opposition to the voter ID amendment narrowed over the weekend.

MPR’s Sasha Aslanian answered questions about the marriage amendment.

Forty school districts are going to the ballot for levy approval.

The Presidential Campaign

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney sprinted through swing states on Monday.

Obama got emotional during a speech in Iowa, where his 2008 took off four years ago.

Here’s your hour-by-hour guide for Election Day courtesy of the Washington Post.

Gallup’s final election poll has Obama and Romney in a statistical dead heat.

A Washington Post-ABC poll has Obama leading Romney by three percentage points, but that’s within the margin of error.

Real Clear Politics has all the latest national polling numbers.

Legal battles over provisional ballots and voting have already broken out in several states.

In some cases, provisional ballots could be at issue.

If the presidential race in Ohio is close, it may be weeks before we get the final results.

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