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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where tomorrow is Election Day and candidates in are making their last campaign push.

Around Minnesota

New ads from marriage amendment proponents strike a different tone.

A new poll shows that opposition to both amendments has grown.

A separate poll by KSTP/Survey USA shows support and opposition for both amendments is tight.

Forty-eight percent oppose the marriage amendment, 47 percent support it and 5 percent are undecided.

Meanwhile, Minnesotans are split over the voter ID amendment. Forty-eight percent say they oppose it, 48 percent say they support it.

Campaigns for and against the constitutional amendments are making their last push.

The Pioneer Press looks at whether the amendments will drive voter turnout for other critical races.

Major changes loom for Minnesota election law if the voter ID amendment passes.

Gov. Mark Dayton isn’t on the ballot this year, but he’s the focus of many legislative campaigns.

The Race for Congress

Rep. Kurt Bills and Sen. Amy Klobuchar debated Sunday night.

The KSTP/SurveyUSA poll shows 8th Congressional District Rick Nolan leading Rep. Chip Cravaack by 2 percentage points, within the margin of error making the race a statistical dead heat.

The NRA chief campaigned for Cravaack on Saturday.

Rep. Michele Bachmann and Jim Graves met for their final debate.

PoliGraph fact-checked last Thursday’s 6th district debate.

Candidates talked bipartisanship on the campaign trail.

Despite their low approval ratings, it appears Americans are about to reelect most members of Congress.

The Presidential Race

Minnesota was the focus of the presidential campaign on Sunday, with Mitt Romney VP candidate Paul Ryan in Minneapolis and Bill Clinton in St. Cloud.

Josh Romney, Romney’s son, will be in Plymouth today.

President Barack Obama focused on voter turnout over the weekend, while Romney was in Pennsylvania.

The candidates will visit eight states today. Shocker: Ohio is on the list of stops.

The New York Times takes a close look at both campaigns’ get out the vote efforts in Ohio.

On the campaign trail, Obama called for bipartisanship.

Crossroads GOP, a conservative political group founded by Karl Rove, has is airing ads in Minnesota.

Democrats have sued to extend early voting in Florida.

And while the candidates may be making their last campaign push today, legal battles over vote counting are just beginning.

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