The Daily Digest (Biden in Superior today, Ryan in Minneapolis on Sunday, Sorel leaving as Transportation Commissioner)

Presidential politics leads the Digest again today as two big names visit the region this weekend. Vice President Joe Biden will campaign in Superior, WI (Duluth media market) today.

Paul Ryan is scheduled to hold a campaign rally in Minneapolis on Sunday.

Romney will visit PA on Sunday.

The two sides have been arguing over the importance of Minnesota in the electoral map. Mitt Romney’s team says it means more states are in play. President Obama’s team says it shows Romney is desperate to find a pathway to 270 electoral votes because Ohio is in the bag.


CNN says it’s a chess match in the eight swing states.

The New York Times says the battle for Wisconsin is in the rural parts of the state.

Both candidates are back on the campaign trail.

The candidates are fighting over the mantle of change but the National Journal’s Ron Brownstein says the next president will have a difficult time uniting the country no matter what.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, an independent, says he’s backing Obama because he’d lead on climate change.

Race for U.S. Senate

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Republican Kurt Bills will participate in the final debate of the season on Sunday at 7pm. MPR will host the debate at the Fitzgerald Theater in St. Paul and air it live on the radio.

MPR takes a look at what Bills is saying to voters in the last week of the campaign.

Race for Congress

MPR hosted a debate between GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and Democrat Jim Graves. Listen to it here.

AP says GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is out to prove that 2010 is no fluke.


Gov. Dayton and other DFL leaders kicked off their GOTV bus tour.

Constitutional Amendments

What if the amendment votes are virtually tied? MPR has the answer.

Same-Sex Marriage Amendment

MPR hosted a heated debate over the amendment on Thursday night.

A staffer for the Minnesota Senate went after GOP Rep. John Kriesel in a pretty harsh way on Twitter. He later wrote that he was sorry for calling Kriesel, a veteran who lost his legs in the war in Iraq, an SOB and other nasty things. (Rachel Stassen-Berger compiled the tweets in Storify).

Voter ID

An administrative law judge dismissed the complaint from Senate Republicans against Secretary of State Mark Ritchie.


The Labor Department will release the latest unemployment numbers this morning.

Consumers are giving the U.S. economy a lift.

St. Jude Medical is cutting 500 jobs.

Target sales rise 2.4 percent in October.

Under the Dome

MnDOT’s Chief is stepping down.

A state task force tackles options for the state’s sex offenders.

Gov. Dayton is set to visit Winona for the Governor’s Deer Opener.


The CIA played a pivotal part in fighting the militants in Libya.

CBS News says a key task force was not convened during the attacks in Libya.

Republicans are less likely to pass a debt limit increase regardless of who is elected president.

  • Hmmm … St. Jude Medical is cutting jobs and Erik Paulsen is campaign is based on saving medical device manufacturing jobs … blaming it on the Medical Device Tax. Yet, when I read the MPR story, it did not mention the Medical Device Tax … instead this seems to be part of the reorganization that had been planned for Neuromodulation.

    Funny thing is that my mail brought me a dividend check from a different Medical Device company …

    Paulsen is misleading the public … these cuts are normal business activities.