Now in control of the Legislature, the DFL talks priorities

After losing the Legislature two years ago, the DFL has regained majorities in both houses.

Now, with control over the Legislature and the Governor’s office, the question is what the DFL plans to do over the next two years.

Gov. Mark Dayton says he wants to return to his top campaign pledge: to raise taxes on the state’s wealthiest.

“I don’t know what the legislative majorities will believe, but I do know what I believe,” said Dayton at the DFL’s election party last night. “And I know what I’ll keep working for every day that I have the honor to be governor of this great state: a fairer tax system where the richest Minnesotans pay more of their fair share of taxes.”

But whether a tax increase, for instance, is doable is another question. A slate of new DFL lawmakers who ran on promises of moderation and compromise, and a Republican contingent that still oppose DFL priorities could complicate the process.

House Minority Leader Rep. Paul Thissen was reluctant to say whether a tax increase was on the table. Some of the newest members of the Legislature might have a hard time selling the idea to constituents.

“The bottom line is that we’re going to have a lot of new members coming into the House and we need to figure out where all those members are, too. It’s going to be a very different legislature,” he said. “We need to get a structurally balanced budget, but we’re certainly not going to choose what all of our options are right now.”

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  • Terry

    Hi, It is time to raise taxes…maybe? If it is for a very good reason. It is also a time to go through unnecessary spending. Do not pick on state workers like the GOP. Go through all of our systems and reduce spending. Create small company incentives and get the economy running!!! It is time for the innovative to step up to the plate!

    Thank You!