Moving day at Capitol

moving 002.jpg

A tangible consequence of the election is being felt today at the Minnesota Capitol, where professional movers are busy relocating office furniture.

Democrats won majority control of the Minnesota Senate (39 to 28) after two years in the minority. That means they now get office space inside the Capitol, and Republicans move across the street to the State Office Building. The move involves 25 incumbent DFL Senators and 19 incumbent GOP Senators. In addition, there are seven new Senators moving out of their former House offices.

Democrats also won control of the Minnesota House (73 to 61). That power shift requires a smaller-scale move among floors at the State Office Building.

  • Nobody actually cares that isn’t on the Government take.

    Where these politicians have their office doesn’t change how they do their job, as in representing the views of the people that elected them, or in the DFL’s case, Allida Messenger and the Unions.

    Let me guess, union moving company?