35 votes to be thrown out in Alexandria-area House race

A Douglas County judge ruled today that there was an obvious error in a Minnesota house race that is headed for a recount.

Douglas County Judge David Battey ruled that 35 votes were improperly cast in the race between Rep. Mary Franson, R-Alexandria, and Democrat Bob Cunniff. Ballots were wrongly given to voters who lived outside the district.

The judge ruled that Douglas County Elections officials now have to correct the error. Douglas County Auditor Charlene Rosenow says the Douglas County Canvassing Board will randomly withdraw 35 ballots from some Alexandria precincts.

Franson currently leads Cunniff by one vote. Withdrawing 35 votes is likely to change that margin, but the outcome will still be so close that a recount will be required.

Democrats won control of both chambers of the Legislature on Election Day but the outcome of the recount will determine whether Democrats have a 12 or 13 seat House majority when the legislative session starts in January.

Here’s the order:

Douglas County Ruling