Hann will lead Senate GOP

hann 002.jpg

Republicans in the Minnesota Senate have selected Sen. David Hann of Eden Prairie as their new minority leader.

Hann was elected to a fourth term on Tuesday, but his caucus lost the majority status it held the past two years. The DFL will now hold both chambers of the Legislature, as well as the governor’s office. During a news conference today, Hann said the Republican minority is ready to do the work of the people.

“We are looking forward with our colleagues on the other side of the aisle and the governor in the interest of the people of the state, and we will work with them when we can,” Hann said. “But we also will be serving as a check when we think they are exceeding what the people’s expectations are, and we want to be able to make sure that we are speaking for the people of Minnesota at all times.”

Hann said Senate Republicans are leaving state finances in better shape than they were when they won the majority in 2010, and are proud of their record of the past two years.

He was elected to a four-year term as minority leader.

On Thursday, Senate Democrats elected Sen. Tom Bakk of Cook as their new majority leader.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    After a resounding election defeat, Senate Republicans respond by lurching even further off the political map, electing David “the-Archibishop-is-too-charitable-because-he-doesn’t-comprehend-Christian-theology” Hann as minority leader. What part of “No!” do these people not understand?

  • Tommy Johnson

    The Republican Senate Caucus begain their Reign Of Error in January 2011 with The Newman Scandal, when Newman’s Legislative Assistant told the Minnesota Nurse Association they couldn’t meet with the Senator because they supported Newman’s opponent. Where the newly hired LA got the idea that was ok was never really explained. Republican Senate Caucus scandals continued in 2011, culminating in the December sacking of Amy Koch and being invited to Moose Country as a sign of impending doom. Hann is deeply involved in the Koch/Bordkorb as a member of the so-called Gang Of Four that held a press conference concerning this scandal. Later, Geoff Michel had to admit that he personally (and by implication, none of the other three) had not been completely truthful with the press.

    Then there’s the infamous Republican Senate Caucus Lunch Hour Lit Drop scandal. Hann, as a co-chair of the Caucus re-election effort, should have been aware of this, but we’ll never know because for some reason this scandal never really interested the media – with the exception of Tom Lyden of Fox9 News.

    Now Hann is involved in another scandal – his obvious conflict of interest and perceived actions to cover up who he works for/what he does/how long he’s been doing it. Again, for some reason, this scandal doesn’t seem to interest the media – again, with the exception of Tom Lyden of Fox9 News.

    Hann held a news conference, and not one of the media present thought it important to ask him about his conflict of interest, nor his involvement in previous scandals.

    Disappointing, but not surprising.